XCM asset registry

Hello teams, in my search to establish an XCM asset registry, I wanted to ask you for suggestions.

We’re looking to separate the asset details from the front end code of the XCM bridge.

I also want to highlight the fact that Acala has built something similar and it also drives their own XCM bridge icon resources. Take a look here: GitHub - AcalaNetwork/token-resources: resources include token and network

Here is a sample of metadata I would like to store for each token that Astar supports for our XCM bridge:

  symbol: 'ACA',
  name: 'Acala',
  isNativeToken: true,
  assetId: '18446744073709551616',
  originAssetId: 'ACA',
  logo: 'https://assets.coingecko.com/coins/images/20634/small/upOKBONH_400x400.jpg?1647420536',
  isXcmCompatible: true,
  originChain: Chain.ACALA,
  minBridgeAmount: '0.4',
  • Should we extend what they’ve done?
  • Look at other implementations?

I’m interested to know what @xlc thinks about this. :wink:

I’ve forked Acala/token-resources to GitHub - open-web3-stack/token-resources: resources include token and network

I would also like to make this a collectively maintained repo to reduce duplicated work across the ecosystem.