What will change in polkadot with the release of chatGPT?

I open this space to brainstorm about how this technology chan change our days. We can think about risks and opportunities for polkadot and our ecosystem, regarding to fundamental vision, code creation, debugging, refactoring, etc.

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Awesome question, I love to pontificate. I think ChatGPT is amazing and I have been experimenting on Substrate code creation (not with great results). I achieved better results for code creation for general rust questions. I am open to any experiments you have found that works for Substrate/Polkadot development!!

My take on how I can see my productivity increasing using ChatGPT is having something to work with at the start when I face a mental block in creating something. I generally find it easier to edit and improve something rather than facing a blank template.

I have been thinking about all kinds of wonky things that could be done with off-chain workers here, Phat contracts are really easy to use.

Overall, it would be interesting to have something that narrowly trains a GPT-3 model based on some source like the Substrate stack exchange gradually, and also that we perhaps feed with a bot from Substrate support channels on matrix, and see what that gives us.

The tricky thing with exposing this on chain the key management, it would be interesting to see if we could work with GPT-3 as partners and see if they can expose access a bit differently so that one can use a pallet to call it and pay using the statemint dex instead etc. Maybe some parachain is already thinking of oraclising this abstraction level already, don’t know?

I remain bullish on the idea that I can train my own personal chatgpt based on past on-chain behavior to vote on governance proposals for me.