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Welcome To The Polkadot Forum! :wave:

Welcome to the Forums! This is a place for thoughtful discussions surrounding Polkadot and Kusama. If you want to contribute, have your voice heard or collaborate with your fellow forum members, then please be sure to read through our Code Of Conduct & Policy guide carefully.

What can you do on the Forums?

  • Read and discuss topics about Polkadot & Kusama!
  • Create and contribute to topics!
  • Form working groups with other contributors!
  • Ask for feedback on your work!
  • Organise and attend discussions!

Newbie? :point_down:

If you’re new to the Forums then this Newbie Guide To The Forum is for you. Please be sure to read through it carefully before contributing.

Forum Code Of Conduct :metal:

Please keep these polices in mind when posting or commenting on the Forum.

:heavy_plus_sign: Respectful Communication
Keep discussions civil with your emotions at the door. See the other side of the discussion before you reply, comment or post. Whilst some are strict in their opinion, we simply ask that you see both side of the coin.

:heavy_plus_sign: Inclusive safe-space
The forums are a safe-space for all. All users are to be treated fairly regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other personal characteristics.

:heavy_plus_sign: No Spam No Scam
The forums are dedicated to discussions concerning Polkadot, Kusama and projects surrounding them. This is not a place for marketing. Spamming your marketing can often be confused with scam / phishing attempts, which will result in a ban and content removal.

:heavy_plus_sign: On-Topic Discussions
Keep the discussions on-topic. Whilst it’s easy to get distracted and drift off-topic we ask that you take a second glance at your post / comment / reply and ensure it’s related to the original discussion.

:heavy_plus_sign: Flagging for the right reasons
We encourage users to flag posts they deem offensive, insulting, off-topic or spam. We will not accept flags due to differences in opinion or disagreement, unless a rule has been broken.

:heavy_plus_sign: No Trolling
Deliberately provoking arguments and posting controversial messages for the sole purpose of creating a response back is not welcomed. Be mindful with your messaging.

:heavy_plus_sign: Follow Copyright Rules
Sharing of copyrighted material, without the owners permission and consent or proper attribution is not allowed.

:heavy_plus_sign: No Explicit Content
The posting of violent, sexually explicit, or adult content is strictly forbidden. This also applied to user avatars, signatures and other public-facing content.

:heavy_plus_sign: No Doxxing
Doxxing is the act of publishing private and identifying information about a particular individual across the forums. Some users prefer to remain anonymous, so please respect their privacy.

:heavy_plus_sign: No Investor / Price talk
No market/price/investor talk of any kind is allowed on the forums. We urge you to avoid terms which violate this, E.g “ICO”

:heavy_plus_sign: No baseless fake representation of groups
No false representation of groups.

:heavy_plus_sign: No offensive language to be used
Any posts, comments or replies using offensive language will be flagged and removed.

:heavy_plus_sign: Report Violations
If you’ve seen a post, message or comment which violates this code of conduct, please report it to the forum moderators or administrators asap. We rely on our community to help keep the discussions respectful and productive.

Cause for Immediate Ban :no_entry:

Some rules bend, some are flexible, but some are set in stone with no room for flexibility. The following offences will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the Forums.

:no_entry: Discrimination
Any discriminatory, Offensive, Insulting language and / or the intent to cause harm. [See Code Of Conduct: Policy 1]

:no_entry: Scamming
Attempting to phish, scam or manipulating users into a potential scam. [See Code Of Conduct: Policy 3]

:no_entry: Doxxing with malicious intent
Doxxing another user will result in a permanent ban from the Forums. Please respect each others privacy. [See Code Of Conduct: Policy 9]

:no_entry: Posting Explicit content
Posting any explicit content [See Code Of Conduct: Policy 8] will result in an immediate ban.

:no_entry: A 3 Flag Rule
A minimum of 3 warnings / flags is needed [Excluding the above reason] for a moderator or admin to make a justifiable decision to ban. A ban can not reversed and any new alt-accounts made will also be banned.

Cause for Flagging :triangular_flag_on_post:

Flagging is welcomed and appreciated by the mod team, but let’s make sure we’re flagging the right stuff.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Spamming
Constantly posting repeated content will be regarded as spam and the content will be removed.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Off-Topic Discussions
Posts and comments which have leaned away from the original topic will be flagged and either moved, urged to edit or removed.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Anything that breaks forum policy
Posts and comments which have broken the code of conduct and our forum polices are to be flagged by the community if noticed.

Your Contact Points

Please refer to the list below for your go-to contact points regarding the Forum.

Please only contact [DM] admins for urgent requests. Requests, DM’s and concerns should first go through our Moderators.

Admin’s Forum ID’s`

:bulb: @Remy_Parity & @rhee

Moderator Forum ID’s

:bulb: @mister_cole & @erin


Hi, I just joined this forum, thanks for organizing it! As a new user, I realized a link is missing and wanted to share the error with you. Under “Welcome To The Polkadot Forum!” the following Notion link doesn’t work:

If you’re new to the Forums then this Newbie Guide To The Forum is for you. Please be sure to read through it carefully before contributing.


Thank you for organizing the forum so well, we have just joined the forum but have been a Polkadot supporter since long :hearts: