uniFires: a cross-chain collaboration initiative

Hello community,

Earlier we mentioned a cross-chain initiative we started some months ago called uniFires. To begin with, the focus is on Web3 adoption, open governance, and cross-chain interoperability knowledge sharing.

We participated in the Project Catalyst innovation platform Fund11 to see if the Cardano community would like to help get us started. Out of 300+ proposals in the Ecosystem category, we were ranked 4th! 430 wallets voted for us with the combined voting power of 192,000,000 ADA. So, yeah, looks like they are happy to shake hands with the Polkadot community.

Now that we got the seed funding secured, we can start planning the activities more in detail. Officially the participant onboarding starts in March but you can already drop by to our Discord server to be among the early birds.

Check out these resources for more understanding:

Stay tuned for more info in March!