Universal Testnet Faucet Idea

Hey PolkaFam,

With XCM channels exploding already, we should presume the upcoming wave of next-gen Polkadot dApps is quite near! Most of them will leverage multiple parachains and solochains simultaneously. To cater this future need I’m hyped to chat about a universal faucet idea to make crosschain testing a breeze.

Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Easy Access: Imagine one spot where you can snag testnet tokens for all 69 Polkadot Ecosystem testnets, from Westend to Rococo and beyond.

  2. Fund the Fun: Let’s kick off the integration for $500 per chain to cover setup and maintenance costs. We can chip in from the Polkadot treasury and we’ll maintain this for 2 years.

  3. Your Thoughts Count: This is our playground. I wanna hear your ideas, feedback, and concerns. Let’s brainstorm together.


The Universal Hybrid Substrate Faucet:

The contributors have decided to vest 50% of the treasury grant for 1 year.
Considering 500$ per chain integration.

Reference $DOT price: 8$
Requesting Amount: 4312 $DOT
Address: 14XNJmoUzkvmh9cYoqG4axBRR4BWzWRbnFP79oiZgKu7V9bz

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Hello @Hustler, this is Ryan from SubWallet.

Thanks for sharing the idea. I think this is something needed for the ecosystem. I’d add mainnet tokens as well because that would help attract new users experience the whole Polkadot ecosystem.

We also had the same idea, and did a test with Parallel in the last crowdloan unlock to help users get PARA to be able to claim their DOT crowdloan (Whey Parallel? There were a total of around 19% and 27% amount of DOT contributed to crowdloan through Parallel in the first and the second crowdloan batches of auctions respectively. You can check it here.

Happy to discuss how to work together on this.


Thank you for the Suggestion @RyanDinh.
We decided to start with the Testnet Faucet to see the feedback from other users and based on that we wanted to make adjustments and add the mainnets later.
We can certainly discuss this more, Here is my TG: @gmeister7


@Birdo Maybe this can be combined with the new testnet? The new Polkadot community testnet


we already have this faucet which covers multiple testnets.
Teams can get added to this easily :slight_smile: Polkadot Faucet

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Thank you for the reply @Birdo.

  • That faucet is designed for Relaychains and common parachains.
  • Also it does not offer support for single-click multi-chain disbursements at this time.
  • Being a Hybrid Faucet it will be useful with the new Polkadot EVM initiative.
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Why use testnet if you can fork all the mainnet parachains locally with Chopsticks and mint yourself infinite amount of assets?

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Thank you for the reply @xlc

The local deployments won’t be accessible for anyone else to test. So we need the testnets for mass testing, especially the testnet campaigns.
Also, the local forks by Chopsticks are comparatively quite slow as of now and create the blocks on demand instead of continuous block generation which might not be ideal for all kinds of developments/testing.

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It is possible to make Chopsticks to produce block periodically just like a normal network. There is no reason you can’t put it on a public for public to test it.

A one click disbursement can be built via UI? I don’t believe it needs any special tech behind it.

Teams are welcome to provide tokens for the faucet mentioned above and have their testnet chains also listed in the UI.