The Power of Vehicle Data for Everyone (LinkedCar)

Gm friends of Polkadot,

I’m Mario from Belgium, a serial entrepreneur in the Web2 world and I recently graduated from the Polkadot Blockchain Academy in Hong Kong (Founders track). I was 1 of 4 founders to earn a distinction and also made it to the pitch finals.

In today’s world, 95% of all new cars are connected. This connectivity has become a lucrative opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, who are currently the exclusive “owners” of this data. This dominance in data ownership is projected to generate a revenue of [$750 billion] by 2030. Yet, the driver, the primary source of this data, sees no benefit ….

Also 92% of consumers think that vehicle owners should have control over who sees their vehicle’s data, yet this isn’t what’s happening in practice. By giving individuals control over their vehicle data and the choice of sharing it, LinkedCar can empower individuals and emphasize the importance of data privacy. It will also promote the ideals of a shared economy, where data is shared for mutual benefit and monetization.

My mission WAGOI - We’re All Gonna Own It!




Users who buy an IoT device generate valuable data, but paradoxically for vehicles, they can’t access it. The seller (car manufacturer), on the other hand, freely trades this (private) data for substantial profits without any restrictions. This practice is inherently unfair to the consumer, who pays for the hardware and often remains unaware of the data being collected or its nature. It’s also unfair to other businesses like insurance companies, tire service centers, and electric car charging stations that could benefit from vehicle data but are forced to deal with the monopolistic control of this data.

The logical solution is that the person who generates the vehicle data should control it. This is now becoming a reality thanks to Blockchain technology and the upcoming EU Data Act, set to take effect at the end of 2025. This regulation will require all vehicle manufacturers to open up their data to consumers on a platform of their choice. By partnering with these manufacturers early, we hope they will direct their customers to LinkedCar’s neutral blockchain-based platform. This approach ensures compliance with the law while requiring minimal effort on the part of the manufacturers.

We also plan to enrich real-time connected vehicle data with information from other mobility partners (like maintenance records, insurance details, etc.). As a result, users will have a Digital Vehicle Passport.

Provenance is a key element in LinkedCar’s product. Today’s concern, when you buy a used car, would be the car’s history – like its service records, accident history, mileage, and ownership changes. Typically, this information can be fragmented, unreliable, or difficult to verify. This is where LinkedCar’s blockchain provenance comes into play.

From the moment a car is manufactured, all key data points – including production details, initial dealership information, and sale date – are recorded on the blockchain.

Each time the car undergoes servicing or maintenance, the details (the nature of the service, the date, etc) are logged on the blockchain. This creates an unalterable service history. Every time the car changes hands, the transaction is recorded, creating a transparent ownership trail. Additionally, the car’s mileage is regularly updated on the blockchain, preventing odometer fraud. If the car is involved in an accident, the details of the accident and subsequent repairs are recorded. This ensures future buyers have a full picture of any past damage and repairs.

How do we compensate drivers for sharing their data ?

LinkedCar receives vehicle data for free, but we will NEVER sell it, not even anonymously. The real power of data is in the hands of the user. LinkedCar simply provides “a marketplace” that makes it easy to connect data with interested companies. Mobility partners can use a smart contract to specify the data they’re interested in and how many tokens they’re willing to offer for it. This creates opportunities for real personalization. For example, sharing your mileage might earn you one token from insurer A, but two tokens from insurer B. Insurer A could also specify that if you drive less than 1000 km per month, you get an extra 5 tokens.

The use of Smart Contracts makes the possibilities limitless and ensures fair compensation for everyone. Anyone interested in vehicle data can create smart contracts. It’s up to the data holder, the driver, to accept these smart contracts and the benefits they offer.

Next steps

Aligning with the EU Data Act and advancing towards Tokenization Europe 2025, LinkedCar aspires to be a key ally for automakers in data sharing, promoting a fair and open market for everyone in mobility. We will democratize access to vehicle data - your data is yours, and your vehicle is part of a larger, interconnected, and ethical ecosystem. We aim to capitalize on the fact that we are a first mover.

Looking ahead, we’re setting our sights on Europe. We’re already part of working groups laying the groundwork for the rollout of EU Digital Identity Wallets (EUDI). These wallets will also include a digital driving license, which for us, will be the key to authentication.

Europe is in the process of developing a set of standards, and with our LinkedCar MVP, we aim to demonstrate our compliance with these standards using Polkadot. By doing so, we can make a significant impact and establish Polkadot as a key player in this new data-industry. In the MVP roadmap we will do the following :

  • Integrations must align with evolving European standards. We need to explore options like EDC and Simpl, as Europe itself is in the midst of developing these standards.
  • Europe is developing its own European Data Mobility Space. We will evaluate whether participating in this initiative would be an advantage for Polkadot; as they focus on different data-sets.
  • Europe has introduced the GAIA-X standard. By meeting its criteria, we could be featured in their general communications (similar to Catena-X for the automotive value chain, funded for 200 million Euro), which is a significant opportunity since currently, few companies meet these conditions.

We’re set to develop the LinkedCar MVP on Polkadot, collaborating with partners like Tanssi and Nodle. However, the bulk of the work for the MVP will be undertaken by several PBA alumni developers. With a limited budget we will showcase the capability to integrate existing EU regulations into blockchain technology.


Because of significant regulatory changes in Europe that emphasize data ownership rights, the time is NOW. The EU Data Act crystallizes the concept that drivers are the rightful owners of their vehicle data, obligating car manufacturers to provide this data to consumers at no charge by 2025. LinkedCar has successfully signed LOI’s with notable industry players.

The next six months are critical and will primarily focus on how we can apply existing and upcoming EU-regulations to Polkadot. The technical aspect seems straightforward, but achieving full compliance is a different matter altogether. Constructing this technical roadmap is crucial.

Fun Fact

During the Pizza & Pitch event in Hong Kong, I presented the research on privacy in cars, and it even caught attention on Twitter…


Mario Schraepen

Let’s drive change, one car, one byte at a time !


I was with Mario at the PBA and his project always stood out to me. Trust me, Mario has the perfect mix of vision, leadership, and entrepreneurial expertise needed to tackle such a bold goal and effectively leverage the new regulation. Looking very forward to seeing how this unfolds. WAGOI !!


I believe the key here is the following:

The next six months are critical and will primarily focus on how we can apply existing and upcoming EU-regulations to Polkadot.

Given Polkadot’s decentralization, blockspace focus, scalability and governance model, there is a case to be made that the values and implementation of the network and are aligned with the data ownership direction the EU is taking and could open the door to more use cases where Polkadot is used in the implementation of EU standards to the benefit of citizens and consumers.

All in all, this would be a great push to bring real world blockchain use cases (beyond crypto/tokenized assets and defi) into Polkadot today, and I’d love to see future evolutions adopting more and more of Polkadot’s CoreX tech stack.


During my time at PBA HK, I met Mario from Belgium. With the EU regulations regarding data privacy, Linked Car offers a solution. I’m interested to see how this develops.

Mexican Mario.


Met Mario on the airport heading towards PBA Hong Kong. He clearly explained what he wanted to do and how. Due to the new law this makes sense if significant market share is captured. One of the few DLT use-cases which actually make real world systems more efficient without the need for speculation. If implemented correctly, most users won’t even have to know they’re using a blockchain product, while enjoying all the security aspects of DLTs. Really nice use-case to bring web3 to the next billion users without them even knowing. Would love to see how this progresses.


I met Mario at the PBA and his project surely stood out. Mario has a great combination of vision, leadership ability, and entrepreneurial acumen.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it all progresses. Good luck!


During my time in the PBA HK cohort, I had the pleasure of being alongside Mario. His innovative idea regarding car owners owning their data is a significant step towards preserving privacy in the decentralized world. I firmly believe that this concept must be realized, and Mario’s determination and vision make me confident that he will make it happen :zap: :zap:


its really make sense, Car nowadays is computer with wheels. its gather all the data, everything we do. Its time to give back our data back, control our data. I think Linkedcar not only for euro market, but for all over the world. Its has lot of potential. Maybe Euro do it first, but no doubt all over the world will also do data act like euro. Bullies on this. And Mario is my buddy, he is a dedicated person, visioner and understand what is he doing. Polkadot ecosystem need this solution.


I had the pleasure of meeting Mario at the PBA Hong Kong cohort.

This is a great example of a real world use case for blockchain technology. It’s good to see these types of cases because they illustrate that blockchain can be used for something more than just DeFi. This will help bring awareness on how blockchain technology can add value to consumers.


I met Mario at the PBA in HK last month, and I firmly believe that with this project he has identified an exceptional opportunity to get into a market opened by fresh regulations, a market that is already proven but is currently permissioned, exclusive to car manufacturers… These opportunities are not something you come across regularily, and with Mario’s skills and entrepreneurial spirit I’m sure he can pull this off alongside his team. Will be keeping an eye on this one for sure!


LinkedCar is one of the projects to track, because, Mario has a great focus on the regulation side, he comes from the web2 world being a successful entrepreneur and businessman, having the right focus on how to take this eloquent idea about privacy, and IoT into a successful implementation.

This project aims to work on the physical realm, the life of the people outside the knowledge of web3 space, and is great that Polkadot and Parachains, have all the right tools for achieving a PoC for this high potential market.

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Mario, one of the experienced and aspiring founders I met at PBA HK. Impressive initiative with LinkedCar. The focus on data ownership and privacy is crucial. Excited to see how you navigate EU regulations and integrate them into Polkadot. Keep up the great work, LinkedCar is definitely on the top of my watchlist projects.

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I love to see Mario’s LinkedCar project already getting traction!
I met him in HK, and I can guarantee he is passionate about this idea. It’s clear he’s onto something big. With a strong emphasis on data ownership and privacy, LinkedCar aims to turn the tables upside down in the automotive industry, and timing right is critical to making this a success. I’m eager to see how EU regulations seamlessly integrate into Polkadot.
Let’s go Mario!! #WAGOI

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I met Mario in the PBA event in Hong Kong as both of us were in the Founders Track and I would say Mario’s LinkedCar project is the project that I am most interested in, as I can see that the potential is huge with smart car getting more popular not just in Europe but here in Asia as well. And Mario has already secured interest with some of the major car brands in Europe so i see huge potential for his project and his success will definitely help drive the value of the Polkadot ecosystem as well!

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Awesome idea. I was also with Mario at the PBA cohort in Hong Kong! His idea is awesome and he has some great developer talent to support him, coupled with the fact he has government buy-in - he’s incredibly well positioned to execute!!


I had the pleasure of meeting Mario at the PBA in Hong Kong. Mario is a fascinating person with a deep background in business.
He supported the pitches and presentations of everyone who asked for help but also those who hadn’t asked :laughing: He is very proactive :wink:
Mario is precisely the kind of person that a healthy blockchain ecosystem should have on board. His extensive knowledge of the business “off-chain” is complemented by a sharp mind that recognizes opportunities for bringing value “on-chain.”
Regarding Linkedcar project, it is an exciting idea with huge potential. I sincerely hope that the community support its development.

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I was lucky to have a call with Mario to understand his project. We know that brands are collecting a lot of data with the new connected vehicles. Moreover, in the EU, the Data Act will be a real constraint. We’ve discussed this with our Logion team. We have some ideas to share. We look forward to talking to you again. Wish you the best!

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Interested to learn more about this project and about the Polkadot Blockchain Academy - Check out The Business Case for Polkadot podcast :

This indeed is a very genuine problem, and in the last few months I have seen people mentioning about it too.

With the EU Data Act, this is a great market to tap in and show what blockchain has got for a real world problem.

Looking forward to it.


I studied with Mario S at PBA in Hong Kong. Some things that stood out about Mario was his acumen and ability to engage with everyone on a very personal level. This guy was always the first to class, dressed sharp, pretty much aced all the quizzes and exams (even though he knew nothing about substrate technology), was one of the 4 students that graduated with distinction and honors. He is really someone that I looked up to at the academy and someone that I aspire to be like. With that said, I believe he is someone that can truly lead this project and make it a reality. His project stood out against the other 30+ projects he was competing with. Real and urgent demand with a timer on it, an existing problem that will implode if Mario doesn’t launch his project asap! He has all the connections to make this work, has the support from the EU, and knows how to manage and launch a startup from scratch. He has personally helped me many times as a friend and also with my project. Mario has myself and my teams full support to make his project become a reality!