Decentralized Futures Proposal: AirLyft - Automated Loyalty, Learning & Adoption on Substrate

AirLyft stands strongly as a multichain decentralized solution, focused on being an invaluable part of the Polkadot ecosystem that adds value to all Substrate projects and chains at once. With a robust history of active engagement, AirLyft has emerged as the preferred choice for numerous parachains and substrate projects such as Moonbeam, Astar Foundation, Pendulum Finance, Bifrost Finance, Polimec & others.


We would now like to implement substrate native enhancements for AirLyft that will enable projects to provide growth, loyalty & onboarding experiences to their users. Our proposed DFP empowers the ecosystem projects to reduce their learning curve, lower the cost of finding new community members, increase product adoption, and save up to 90% of the marketing & development efforts for community engagement.


AirLyft provides a host of features for creating & validating actions like quizzes, UGC creation, feedback forms, governance voting, social engagement as well and on-chain transactions. It also facilitates projects with the ability to create and distribute digital assets, merchandise, coupons and different incentives.

Track Record

AirLyft has consistently proven itself as the preferred platform for multiple parachains and projects mentioned above and has introduced different layers of innovation in growth categories. AirLyft is currently trusted by over 500 projects for incentivization and engagement campaigns, with over 80,000 monthly active users.

Notably, Zeitgeist successfully utilized AirLyft for an onboarding campaign in partnership with Coindesk Indices, generating over 7000 community actions on the platform in about 3 weeks.

In addition, AirLyft hosted the successful PolkaPals II campaign that leveraged Substrate-based wallet integrations & educated over 6,690 users. In less than a month, these users performed over 35K quests like reading whitepapers, answering quizzes, using XCM, using order books, social tasks etc.

AirLyft has been pivotal in being the gateway for new users into the Polkadot ecosystem.


  1. Ability to create parachain-specific on-chain actions and validate them by reading public chain data.
  2. Build a collaborative learning ecosystem which will allow multi-network support in a single campaign. For instance, within a single campaign projects can give out automatically validated quests to send DOT from the relay chain to Bifrost as well as mint an NFT from Asset Hub.
  3. Authenticate to the platform using a Substrate address through wallets such as PolkadotJS, Subwallet & Talisman.
  4. Build a separate subdomain that will have an exclusive list of communities & campaigns within the Polkadot ecosystem. This will act as an entry point for new users to discover various projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.
  5. Ability to select top performers in various methodologies (Randomly, Ranked, FCFS) and enable them to redeem native Substrate assets as a recognition of their accomplishments.
  6. Ability to create & deploy Asset Hub NFTs (standard/soulbound) in a no-code fashion and mint those NFTs to successful participants as Proof Of Achievements(POA).

The Team

AirLyft is being built by a small team of 6, with a combined experience of more than 70 years.

  1. Surya Singh, Post postgraduate in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, has 12+ years of experience in software development. Previously Co-Founder canUmeet, revenue-generating appointment scheduling software.
  2. Rachit Magon, Post Graduate of Software Systems BITS Pilani, ex-CTO of Fakir Informatik GmbH, previously founded his software boutique studio working for projects with large EV corporations.
  3. Chandra Bhushan Singh, 9 years of business experience, moved from Development to Product Management and has worked with Enterprise to SMBs. He previously founded canUmeet and scaled it to over 100+ countries.
  4. Muiz Nadeem, deep tech enthusiast. He dropped out of his Master’s in CSE at UNSW Australia to fully devote his time towards building AirLyft. He has a decade-long experience in developing and managing enterprise software systems.
  5. Neha Alreja, Post Graduate in Computer Science BITS Pilani, previously founder of SparkClub, an Ed-Tech company focussed on the enhancement of STEM into kids.
  6. Aslam Shah, has over 14 years of experience in UI/UX development and is also an author of a book on


So far AirLyft has showcased its capabilities within the Polkadot ecosystem with an aim to prove its value before seeking support from the foundation. As the next logical step, we want to make AirLyft a unified growth and learning hub in the Substrate ecosystem. This would be the first platform of its kind that seamlessly connects all elements of the Polkadot ecosystem without code.

Regular users often get overwhelmed by the cutting-edge technologies and concepts in the web3 world. Our primary goal is to gamify the user experience so that users interact with the web3 applications enjoyably. Projects use our fully customizable, no-code, automated quests and incentives modules to create smooth user journeys. This encourages users to learn, understand and organically engage with the applications in the polkadot ecosystem. Building such a system requires significant resources, skills and effort. With this proposal, we would have the opportunity to provide an easy-to-use learning & marketing tool for all Substrate projects.

Github Profiles

Rachit Magon: rmagon (Rachit Magon) · GitHub
Surya Singh: suryasingh (Surya Singh) · GitHub
Muiz Nadeem: MuizNadeem (Muiz Nadeem) · GitHub
Neha Alreja: nehaalrejam (Neha Alreja Magon) · GitHub
Aslam Shah: hunzaboy (Aslam Shah) · GitHub

PS: We will be updating the entire application at the earliest. Please feel free to share your feedback and would love to answer them.


The Airlift team is excellent, and there are two things I absolutely love about them:

-Their availability to support campaigns.
-Their readiness to innovate.

They have built tools that help the ecosystem, I would love to see them grow.


Thanks a ton @kshah !!! Appreciate you using the platform and sharing your invaluable feedback here. We are happy that AirLyft has been able to help Unique Network in their campaigns in the past & hope to have a continued relationship in the future :heart:

Thomas from Bifrost :rainbow:

I’m pleased to tell that Bifrost was the 1st substrate blockchain to have our both networks supported for on-chain tasks thx to the Airlyft team.

The Airlyft platform is only one that supports substrate wallets connection.
Galxe ? :no_entry_sign:
Layer3 ? :no_entry_sign:
Intract ? :no_entry_sign:
Zealy ? :no_entry_sign:

So just for this we have to be thankful.

Teams are not only expecting from their marketing campaigns to do off-chain tasks (Twitter, Telegram, Discord…) but we do want users to try our products and execute on-chain tasks !
Airlyft was really supporting us to design our on-chain tasks, they proved to be technically competent and reliable.

Moreover, they also opened a feature so that we can propose a BNC faucet to our users.

In return we gave them a lot of feedbacks on their product, which they took into account and improved it greatly !
Each new campaign we design, i can see new features that i requested before.

If we want to have users to bullet test proof the ecosystem by using our dapps and products, then we should all support the Airlyft team.


Hello @ThomasR … While we successfully keep building awesome things at Polkadot but the feedback shared is like a proof of value for ensuring that we are adding value to the Substrates… This just made our feedback of the day list.

And yes indeed, Bifrost was the first substrate that we actually integrated to have onchain actions on. Since then AirLyft has been going uphill and we take feedback provided by the team very seriously. We promise to have the same attitude moving forward and make this growth platform a one stop growth solution for substrate.

AirLyft has created a top quality social engagement tool with a fraction of the support other teams have received. I have no doubt that given stronger support the AirLyft team can deliver even more outstanding tools for teams and users.

Moonbeans has worked with them in the past and will expand our work with them in the future. The team is great and the tech is great.


Airlift has a great team and they helped me very fast. i agot a problem and Neha Alreja made a great solution with great understanding. appreciated. 5 star


I had pleasure to work with Airlyft team by leading very first Talisman campaign and I was very pleased with my experience.

They are extremely professional, hardworking and supporting 24/7 regardless if it is a weekend or not if the matter is very time sensitive. They kindly assisted me any time and also welcomed any of our feedback how to improve overall experience.

If you are looking for a tool for social engagement and onchain activities, their quality of platform is outmatched.

I truly believe they can deliver even better results over time.

These guys are awesome!

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This is Kayla from Litentry team. I am truly impressed by the innovation and productivity demonstrated by the Airlyft team in their developments. I felt confident working with AirLyft team on delivering mutually beneficial outcomes. Keep up the exceptional work, look forward to the exciting developments ahead!


This is very good! There needs to be an entry point for users to discover other projects in the ecosystem.

Overall, I support the proposal. They are a good team with a good plan.

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Thank you so much @Miami … It was an honor working alongside such an awesome individual and one of the most loved NFT marketplace. We are really glad that we could add value to Moonbeans via our tool AirLyft and look forward to having the same zeal to continue to strengthen this partnership further and build stronger, fairer onboarding and engagement mechanisms.

Yes Indeed @cryptonic1 !!! Working with Neha Alreja is like a treat for most as her deep tech expertise helps pinpoint the problem exactly and get it rectified. Thank you so much for mentioning this here and your feedback.

Hello @NattiCrypto … It is always a learning experience for us even on Twitter from the content that you post and we follow them regularly. With that, it was an awesome experience building Talisman integration on AirLyft and glad that the campaign was successful.

For your second note, the AirLyft team strongly believes that even if you build a world-class product, with no support, it is bound to fail and hence we have an average engagement time of nearly 5 minutes where we try to keep the first response time or FRT within this timeframe. We understand that what might seem small to others, isn’t the same for you and take responsibility for these.

Again thank you so much for the feedback on the product and we assure you of quality deliverance over time and strengthen the usage with Talisman more and more in coming times.

Hello Hello @kaylawangnow … This is so awesome seeing your feedback here … Man we love Litentry and the problem of identity you are solving. It’s been a great experience working with you guys on your previous campaign and looking forward to doing more. Having said that, we would love to have Litentry on our platform and make this integration equally profitable to entire Substrates. :slight_smile: Again thanks much for the feedback, it’s highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hello @Chris_Nifty … Firstly, thanks a ton for the feedback shared. You touched on an excellent point actually Chris in which the entry point for users to discover other projects within the ecosystem is pointed out. We have made AirLyft an entirely discoverable platform which means that irrespective of the fact that users trying to participate in engaging L2E activities are from an EVM or any other L1 chain… The discoverability in the sense here is that everyone can see what’s going on at Polkadot and the substrates here.

This is why with this proposal we are also building a subdomain for Polkadot ecosystem which will have link similar to “” and they will have all the substrates listed there which any new users can go on and explore the entire platform and its dapps. Hope this makes sense.

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AirLyft boasts a fantastic team of developers and support staff. As a CM/CL/CMO in various Polkadot communities, i’ve had the opportunity to experience the quality of their service and witness the evolution of their tool. Building communities as robust as AirLyft’s is a rare feat at the moment. I believe it’s an excellent project to showcase our support.

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Hey folks,
This is Ryan from SubWallet. We’ve been working with the Airlyft team for our campaigns. The team is very passionate and dedicated. The proposed deliverables are exactly what are missing in the eco: A native quest platform for the Polkadot. We support the initiative and the Airlyft team. Really looking forward to it!

Let’s keep BUILDING and showcasing Polkadot eco and its technologies.


PS: Its fixed now.

There is a typo in the first link.

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Bob from Zeitgeist here,

I was first introduced to AirLyft through the PolkaPals campaign and was immediately impressed with the platform. More importantly, the support, responsiveness, and commitment to innovation demonstrated by the AirLyft team.

Following the PolkaPals campaign, we decided to use AirLyft for our own campaign. As I delved deeper into the platform, it became clear that it is currently the best tool available for encouraging on-chain engagement within a community. Their low-tech solution for on chain tasks allows for more autonomy for any project by lowering the tech load of developers and allowing for creation and execution of different campaigns using less resources. Moreover, the AirLyft team consistently prioritized innovation and improvement, actively collaborating to develop solutions that met our specific needs.

AirLyft’s proposal to deepen its integration into the Polkadot ecosystem has my support. In my view, there is potential for AirLyft and its proposed platform, polkadot.airlyft, to serve as a central hub for both on-chain and off-chain activities across the entire ecosystem. The combination of their inclusive philosophy, technical expertise, visionary approach to growth, proven track record of delivery, and the existence of a functioning product, leads me to believe that their proposal deserves substantial consideration at the very least.

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Its with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this on behalf of the Astar team. AirLyft has been, and continues to be, a strong and reliable team to work with. Responsive, timely, and professional all around. We used their platform to for our mid-year campaign and it not only provided great insight and data, but also the ability to tap into our community in a well known method - web3 growth platforms. To have direct access to one in our native playground is needed. We can look at the numbers at other similar platforms, and see the potential impact AirLyft can have on participating chains - now and in the near future.

As our ecosystem grows, this will be a welcomed landing site for web3 enthusiasts that look to be incentivized to explore our various parachains. Additionally, it can also lead to cross parachain collaborative campaigns as proven through the PolkaPals campaign (kudos to JC’s and Mangata’s leadership here).

Full support from us!