The first use case DAO video platform in mass adoption on Polkadot Network

Id like to introduce you the first use case DAO video platform in mass adoption on Polkadot Network . It’s Joystream .
Global objectives for Joystream
O1: Joystream platform (and all its products) is a completely transparent system. That is to say, each and every transaction within the platform is fully traceable.

O2: Joystream has feature-rich, well-documented, defect-free APIs that enable developers to easily build within and on top of our ecosystem.

O3: Joystream responds positively to a large number of new users. The system handles loading a large amount of content. Despite the large number of people, users can still manage the project to one degree or another, creating proposals, being nominated for a council, taking part in discussions, working on open vacancies, etc.

O4: Joystream is a video platform with a high quality content. users interested in creating interesting various content. users who use Atlas to load content get views, audience and money for their videos.

O5: Joystream uses different kinds of marketing to spread information about the platform and attract new interested users.


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