2024-03-19 Technical Fellowship OpenDev Call

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Fellowship Updates

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JAM & Polkadot 2.0 Roadmap


  • Oliver: How can we ensure we get different client implementations
    • Gavin sees two important things: Having a clear spec. And having proper incentives for different implementations
  • Bryan: Ways for devs to participate in development?
    • Gavin: There will be a fund for developers that are helping to build it

ISMP as candidate implementation for XCMP

  • Seun presented ISMP as a potential implementation of XCMP
  • Gavin wasn’t against it :slight_smile:


  • Vincent from Snowbridge presented the problem of having to set the DOTETH exchange rate regularly in the BridgeHub storage to properly calculate weights for Ethereum transactions.
  • Gavin suggested that users have to obtain wrapped ETH to pay for transactions. This way we could avoid complicating designs.


Technical Fellowship

Release Cadence

  • QA and release tempo were discussed.
  • Bryan presented a proposal for a standard release checklist
  • Basti mentioned that writing a QA bounty could be very helpful

Fellowship Secretary

Basti proposed to hire a Fellowship secretary: Fellowship secretary · Issue #8 · polkadot-fellows/help-center · GitHub


  • Salaries were accidentally 12_000_000 times the intended amount. Payouts luckily capped out at some defined limits.
  • Bryan wrote a script to fix it: Link
  • Three users got paid out too much and refunded the excess amount


Polkadot SDK

  • The latest version during the call was v1.8.0
  • The latest version as of writing this summary is v1.9.0

Polkadot Runtime

  • 1.1.3 was released as bugfix release

    • Controllers Stashes, Staking, Staking Ledgers may get corrupted
    • recover corrupted accounts
  • 1.2 - based on Polkadot SDK 1.7

    • state trie migration
    • BridgeHub: Add Snowbridge to Kusama and Polkadot runtimes
    • Encointer: update encounter runtime to 6.1
    • Coretime
  • refund leases that have not started #206

  • cancel auctions on coretime launch #215

  • add the Kusama Coretime Chain runtime #212

  • Peoplechain

  • Async Backing Phase 1 on Kusama

  • 1.3

    • Coretime on Polkadot
  • on-demand coretime → governance config

  • Async Backing on Polkadot and Kusama

  • coretime chain end of june on polkadot

  • Elastic Scaling is on the way, and internal testnet


  • XCM v4 is just a renaming release, it is removing the “Multi-” in Multilocation and Multiasset
  • Bryan: Improve XCM development and release process
  • It is suggested that all parachains test their XCM functionality on Rococo/Paseo


Unbrick Collective

Chains can brick and need fast recovery. Bryan is proposing an Unbrick Collective


Agile Coretime


you mean 12 (not 12 million) times, right? I love such bugs :sweat_smile:

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This one is not really clear to me either. I was summarizing it as 12x but then someone on the call said “no it’s actually 12 m(b?)illion”

It might be a combination of two different issues, one time messing up the plancks and one time messing up months and years? No idea.