RMTerra Bridging Web 3 with real life

Hi Family,

Pedro Marques here, the creator of RMTerra and Earthcare NPO. I have been an environmental activist and tree planter since a young age, enthusiastic about Polkadot/Kusama (since 2021) and Communication of the Trees.

RMTerra borns in 2017 as an environmental ativist Community, after the fires of 2017 in Portugal. As a non-technical guy, I’ve faced lots of challenges in finding solutions to bridge real-life commons with Web 3, even so, we create partnerships with some protocols in the network partneing with RMRK for the Moonglade Collection, Kodadot for the Kodaforest project, and Shokunin.Network to build an Earthship local educational hub .

Last year, we were nominated in second place at NFTNYC for the “Best environmental project from an NFT” and were mentioned (37:53)at COP 27 through Polkadot and RMRK as one of the most tangible projects in the network. We get donations from Dwellir, Dot Validator Aliance and we continue to work as you can see here.

This has inspired me to Dream about having a place in Kusama/Polkadot to build a Biodiversity Marketplace for Sustainability of the Networks

Instead of Just building Web 3 for Tech people we need to integrate real life project too and it’s what im trying to do with RMTerra and Earthcare., give an example for others to step into too.

Biodiversity Marketplace aims to promote bridges between Web 2 and Web 3 (private and government companies) on environmental through Polkadot/Kusama. Build a decentralized network of eco-villages globally, and in the long term, the creation of a Biodiversity Token. It would be a platform to promote peer-to-peer biodiversity in nature, creating partnerships with sustainability projects in the network, and work together to neutralize the ecosystem footprint on a long term.

**Why Biodiversity? ** (the problem….)

In nowadays from climate change born the so know “Green Washing” and in pratical on the ground, we just see, thousands of monocultural lands being planted, promoting the soil to dry and turn into a desert rapidly. Instead of accumulating more soil on the ground, which would benefit Mother Nature, trees are being planted as clones.

This results in a loss of energy (both money and time) because, instead of promoting Biodiversity , these practices contribute to destruction (again) of our common land. As an activist and ative searcher of indigenas knowledge about trees this deeply concerns me. I am continuously striving to find solutions that genuinely improve the environment for the well-being of all living beings. The Scope of Biodiversity Marketplace aims to promote projects that respect nature as a Living Being as a whole, giving power and value back to the nature throw Biodiversity NFT Marketplace .

This is my vision, I have the skills and team to grow trees and forests, I’m seeking for assembly a team,so i come here kindly to ask help to the Developers and Community members to Co Create a Treasury Proposal.

Appreciate your comments.

Thank you very much !

Pedro Marques

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I’m very happy to see Pedro’s enthusiasm for building a project benefiting the passion you’re so dedicated to. For those who don’t know him, it’s been years some of us know him in the ecosystem, RMTerra is genuinely working as a large group of benevols acting for sustainable reforestation, they have proved countless times their value with meaningful work of growing forests. At DOT Validator Alliance, we are happy and proud to support their work with a yearly donation from all our members and our treasury.

Your idea and work power have great potential to develop a project benefiting the planet and everyone acting for it. I would suggest, before you go with a funding proposal, to gather a group work together and draw the main lines of the project

  • How blockchain can be leveraged to develop nature development projects
  • What is the MVP necessary to allow concrete actions to start in this project
  • What could eco-villages look like, who can be part of it
  • What is concretely the ideal long term vision for this project

Starting from here, you will be able to design what are the requirements to build a product around this and estimate the man work to build this product.

I’ll be happy to help with the (little) time I have, I know you will dedicate a great energy to it which makes me very enthusiast.


Thank you very much , i certainly will develop more the ideia and tap here again when is more clear to all .
It’s been hard to find people like you with open harms like in the beguining days of Kusama/Polkadot Community.

Thank you very much Again !
and for shure i will continue to ask your guidance to empower nature as much as i can.


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