Ara - a collaboration of end users and developers online

Hi everybody,

I’m Medet Ahmetson, I have been in the blockchain industry since 2018, making games and a game platform in various blockchains. Since the childhood I was inspired by the vision of the computer pioneers about what computers could do, and why we are far from the empowering people with the technology. For example check Alan Kay’s vision.

For the last decade, I was trying to achieve this goal by making toy Operating Systems, Programming Languages and many other things. Namely to improve the program synthesis for the end users. And I think, with the blockchain it clicked in my mind to see how it’s possible now.

The sentiment that I’ve seen here and what I’ve been advised by some members of the Polkadot community members is that, if I want to get the feedback, I have to be thankful to be part of community: for example, I shall mention what kind of benefit does this product bring to the ecosystem. Honestly, I think the idea brings the value to the end users in entire world, and writing benefits for the ecosystem is too narrow minded for me. Instead, with this discussion post, I will explain what I am working on, and looking to see can I find a help in the community. Because, technology, Substrate is in the disadvantage because it’s the hardest to learn than Cosmos, Optimism, Polygon SDK, Avalanche, or Lisk. Therefore, the decision to be part of the ecosystem comes from the community feedback.

Also, you are the first whom I post it.

As this forum already focused in the ecosystem itself: Polkadot, Kusama and projects at the top of aformentioned technology stack, especially in the “ecosystem” category, I might be wrong to write this post in this channel or under the “ecosystem” category. If it’s not the right channel, or right place to write my post, pardon me, and give a hint where should I post it.

Problem Statement
Computers are one of the greatest inventions of the modern world. We can achieve a lot of our dreams through computers by writing a software.There is no easy solution on how people can bring their ideas to a life with the computers. Out of all the solutions we have, whether the AI, Low-code solutions, etc, the best way to achieve the dream is through the collaboration with other people, namely when an idea owner connects to the professinal developers.

The current platforms that connects end users and developers have huge drawbacks.
The online freelance platforms is designed for one-to-one relationship. In this platforms people can not work in a collaboration. Many projects involves different specialists. It also one-way ownership, where one is the hiring and other is task executor.
The online collaborative platforms such as Trello, Jira or Github (+issues, forum) only specify project management, but don’t specify the ownership of the product or how to distribute the dividends of the collaborative work.

Ara is a web browser with the integrated collaboration tool that provides everything to go from idea to release. With Ara, anyone who has the software idea but lack programming skills, may connect to developers and designers to make it real.

In Ara, each idea realization defines the token for the ownership, and dividend sharing policy of the project.

Product profit is distributed among token holders using the blockchain. The blockchain implements hyperpayment protocol that allows project to be used or modified by anyone on the internet. Which allows product to be free to modify and reselled by other people online without boring permissions.

Potential Use Cases
Ara could be used to build or maintain any project that requires more than a single person but online. It could be used beyond the softwares. For example, the music production requires lyrics author, sound effect producer, vocalists, instrument players. With Ara, people may find other people to work on a song on Internet.

After the release of a song, if some DJ remix it, or another musical project uses the samples, then the blockchain through the hyperpayment protocol, will distribute the profit to all people, including the sample authors as well. With the hyperpayment, remixers, or sample authors don’t have to worry about permission licensing, while the music authors don’t have to worry about not getting credits.

Besides connecting visionaries and specialists, Ara could be used to maintain the ownership of a project that involves multiple people as well. For example, a friend of mind writes an arbitrage bot with his two other friends. He is waiting for Ara, to define the policy on how to distribute the bot profit among the three remote developers.

The Ara itself is intended to be developed by it’s online collaboration model that it will provide. Therefore, it won’t be owned by me, but by all of us who contribute into the realization of the Ara. I am planning to look for a grant, but before that, I am asking the community feedback and collecting a critical review about it. And potentially members who wants to work on it as well. Active engagement and interest from the community will be a key decision to choose the blockchain stack for it.

One important thing, that I want to highlight is that Ara is build on the open-source and it will be open-source as well. The original intention of hyperpayment is to share the profit with the open-source packages used in the development whether it’s used in ara or in the software made in the platform.

Which means, part of the transaction fees through hyperpayment protocol will be distributed to the blockchain SDK. For example, if it will use the Substrate, then partially it will be going to fund Polkadot as well.

Ara final goal is to use the computers for a maximum through program synthesis and personalization of the softwares.

Program synthesis is the process of automatically generating a program or code snippet that satisfies a given specification or set of requirements. This can include generating code from a formal specification, a natural language description, or example inputs and outputs.
Link to Description

And the best way to achieve it is through collaboration between end users and developers. Besides the developers, some simple tasks, routines could be achieved with the help of the AI agents. The Ara browser is the platform that allows to personalize it for the user’s intentions and comes with the integrated AI agents as well.

The project is not kicked off, and more info I will add with other team members.

But here is the MVP demo to see the highlight how it will look like in the future:

Introducing Ara: New Online Collaboration of People using tokens and AI workers

Cheers, Medet Ahmetson!