Report - Ref. 193 Open Gov- Dotcast /this_is_the_DOT

Hi Polkadot community!

This announcement serves to officially present the final report on DOTCAST Ref. 193 - “ Pursuing quality improvement by spreading honest and true awareness.”

While we have specialized teams and iniciatives for reviewing proposals submitted to the Polkadot Treasury, we take great pride in communicating our achievements to the Polkadot community via this platform.

What is Dotcast

A fast-growing media platform with a clear mission: to raise awareness of Polkadot among the Spanish-speaking community. The dedicated Dotcast team has been diligently pursuing this goal for over two years. Fortunately, their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as the project has recently obtained funding from the Polkadot Treasury, ensuring its continued operation for the past four months. This crucial decision was made collectively by the community through the Open Gov.

-Following this link you can see the Official Report on Ref. 193.

-You can check on our current Treasury Proposal Ref 633, here To know what we are working on!


The Dotcast team.