Raport from the 1st edition of recurring PolkaDOT Family event held in Hungarian

The first small and cozy Online Polkadot Gathering in Hungarian has just happened, and we will continue every month. The amount of Monthly Official Hungarian Polkadot events raised to 2 thanks to @Vikk

The agenda-by-request was:
@Vikk’s introduction, where he explained his preferences

  1. WEB3 — a better alternative to the currently prevailing systems
  2. PolkaDOT — Implementing advanced architecture for independence with trustless data management.
  3. Sharing knowledge about the Polkadot Ecosystem and creating opportunities for co-learning and collaboration

Main topics based on Q&A

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Thank you @eapo for sharing the main key moments of the last online gathering. Note that Polkadot Forum is supposed to be a forum with a discussion, so if you have questions this forum is the place where we can discuss anything related Polkadot. I suggest to write your questions there in english or in hungarian and I can provide my answers there too or in the upcoming Online Polkadot Gatherings we can discuss them. :blush: