Polkadot Data Independent Day! 01/11/2024

Polkadot Data Independent Day!

TL;DR Decentralized Polkadot Data will be great again!

In Polkadot Community, we are now experiencing a momentous occasion. It is the second week of January 2024, and the first community data proposal for the Polkadot Treasury passed a referendum with incredible funding for data integrations with Dune Analytics.

Since the Blockchain movement is about decentralization, this is a phenomenal step for DOT holders who fight for funding and independence, making more sense than ever before. As Parity communicated multiple times, they are excellent in software development activities, but everything else could be done via decentralized organizations. This will also be positive for future development, where it will be possible to focus on coding.

What is exciting and controversial in this proposal is the fact that Parity Data, basically a unit of Parity, was strongly against because they believed they could also do it and maybe save a little bit of money in the process (since they do not need to make a profit on it unlike the startup that proposed 366)

Additionally, I have to say thank you to Giotto, who is our DotHood and Polkadot Treasury Guardian. Unfortunately, I had to raise the topic of toxicity from Parity. They tried to influence decentralization supporters and keep this project inside Parity. I hope we all still believe in Polkadot’s success. Why do Parity employees block the Success of Polkadot? Why is this possible? As a Community member, I encourage everyone who wants to build something new rather than block other teams.



Thank you for your support. Parity decentralization has been very painful for so many people and is very difficult to talk about. I do believe its best for Polkadot, which stands unique in having the courage to do this, despite the pain it caused.

We are able to provide some tips for teams engaged in OpenGov:

Tips for How to Survive and Thrive in OpenGov

This is a result of a few dozen interactions with DOT Activist @giotto, who was thoroughly committed to getting to the truth, not just as voter, but as a judge doing a root cause analysis.

Our own year in review is:

  • At the start of 2023, we wanted Parity to be our customer.
  • At the middle of 2023, we wanted Parity to be our curator.
  • At the end of 2023, Parity started decentralizing, and unfortunately this caused Parity Data to go from being a powerful supporter to become a powerful competitor.
  • At the start of 2024, we are happy to be a decentralized organ in the Polkadot organism.

Hopefully it is clear how much respect we have for Parity, and I doubt anyone will be ever really be able to think of Parity as just another decentralized organ.

We are fully committed to supporting the Polkadot organism and work with so many other decentralized organs who want nothing but to grow Polkadot in new ways in 2024 and beyond.

Time to execute.