🫂 Questions from community for Bridging panel x Blockspace Builder's Day (Brussels) with Polkadot

The team at Webzero is hosting a panel next week on Tuesday July 9th from 4-430PM at the Blockspace Cafe to hear about the latest developments in the bridging landscape in Polkadot. And we’d love to give a chance for the community to ask any questions they have for our panelists.

:eyes: Key themes we plan to touch on:

  • Different approaches to bridging and what the current state of bridging is on Polkadot
  • Trade-offs for developers, trade-offs for end-users
  • UX considerations: how to elegantly keep users safe? what should app designers know?
  • Top common good applications we need to build for the community

We want this panel to be interesting and educational for you. So please use this post to share your questions or areas of interest you’d like us to cover. Feel free to riff off on the themes listed above.


:calendar: Event link: Blockspace Builder's Day with Polkadot · Luma

Panel title: “The UX Landscape for the Future of Bridging Protocols”

Description: In this panel, we’ll discover the perspectives of some leaders in implementing web3 bridging protocols, unraveling what integrating these protocols looks like for end-users. Joining us:

Sacha Lansky (moderator), a contributor to building the developer community in the Polkadot ecosystem, having previously worked as a Developer Relations Engineer at Parity Technologies.

Clara van Staden is a Software Engineer working on Snowbridge for the last 2.5 years, specializing on the Ethereum light client.

Seun Lanlege is the founder of Polytope Labs, a leading blockchain research & development lab which aims to solve fundamental infrastructure problems that pertain to interoperability, scalability & privacy in crypto and Web3.

Alberto Viera is the founder of Paper Moon, providing developer relations services to teams across the Polkadot ecosystem. He’s worked extensively on Moonbeam’s Moonbeam Routed Liquidity
(MRL) . MRL combines both Wormhole Message Passing tech with XCM to provide liquidity routes to parachains with single click experience for the end user. This means a user can bridge liquidity from Ethereum to Hydration without having to switch it’s wallet to Moonbeam at any time. But underneath, uses Moonbeam as a gateway.