Cross-team Workshops at SubZero

Let’s use this topic to discuss multi-team (Ecosystem teams + Parity) workshops we can run during SubZero, to make the most of having the community together.

Inspired by Centrifuge’s “Cross Chain Composability” workshop in Berlin Blockchain Week: it’d be nice to have some side events focusing on deep conversation and planning on topics which are important to the ecosystem.

What workshop suggestions do you have, either technical or non-technical?


I would like to propose a session around bridges. Understanding different bridges currently provided by 3rd parties.

The reason:
Currently, it’s very fragmented, and every parachain is doing its own thing because there is not a clear scope or timeline with upcoming common good bridge parachains or the use of Statemine/Statemint as asset hub.

Sygma, Celer Bridge, Datachain, Axelar, and MultiChain, … are looking for native bridge solutions to different parachains to support the Polkadot ecosystem. What about building a bridge aggregator page like the new staking dashboard but an aggregator from different bridges to the ecosystem?

During this workshop, it would be great for each parachain to talk about their approach, showcase their solutions, and maybe find some common ground regarding bridges?


An XCM workshop also would be great. The scope is pretty big and the focus a workshop should have is unclear to me. At the moment the following topics come to my mind:

  • XCM/XCMP for Dummies
  • XCMP Setup - Common Pitfalls and Problems
  • XCM - Shortcomings and Feature Requests
  • XCM/XCMP - Common logic (“What we can build together to avoid redundant work”)

We’d love to help you set this up at Sub0, I’m currently running the conference. What can I do to help make this/these sessions reality?

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Maybe interesting as a subject: UX/UI, Capi, new RPCs, light clients. Stuff like Wallet-less onboarding (Experimental concept) is also a possibility.


Hi @rphmeier can you give a bit more context on “UX/UI, Capi, new RPCs, light clients”?
There is already some UX/UI work being done on UI components that are utilizing CAPI, we can definitely explore that.

What I mean is a deep dive on “what good UX is in Polkadot and how to build it” (see The Best UI/UX in the Polkadot Ecosystem and related conversations). Capi, RPCs are both important tools to understand for that. With respect to light clients, the main points to get across are how to maintain good UX while implementing a frontend which uses light clients. The staking dashboard is a good example of a progressive UX that can fall back to a light client but provides a better experience when other services are available.


Hey, I would love to have a session around light clients and multi-chain dApps utilizing client-side logic and light clients (eg. GitArch using Tinkernet + Kilt for credentials via light clients).

I have contributed towards having smoldot/substrate connect work properly with parachains and added the very first parachains to have light clients on polkadot.js/apps, also have the GM dApp with light clients integrated to demonstrate!

I am a sub0 speaker, so I will already be there preaching light clients and demonstrating their use hahaha.


Sorry for my late response. I am actually really not proficient in XCM and am already speaking at the conference. Hence, I would be a bad fit for facilitating this workshop. I was thinking more from the direction about which workshop I would like to attend.

I have also asked other people from my team that know XCM, but they are not coming to the conference.

To continue these discussions, how do we proceed to make these side-session ideas a reality?

+1 to all of these

Particularly XCMP setup - the complexity of cross-chain transactions would benefit from parachain alignment along with Parity’s guidance.

I’m specifically interested in answers from other parachain teams to these questions:

  1. In what case(s) would another chain’s user want to communicate with your chain via XCM?
  2. In what case(s) would a user on your chain want to communicate with another chain via XCM?
  3. How time-sensitive are the XCM interactions both to and from from your chain?
  4. Which currency do you require for inbound XCM communication?

What does the community think about a conversation about Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs)? We could brainstorm ways to automate or let the chain issue/verify/present credentials to other chains.

So far, XCM does not seem to be reasonable for this use-case. In the end, it boils down to making it feasible to read state via XCM and act on its result.

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Are there any updates about getting these workshops scheduled at sub0 or are these being rolled into the Barcamp sessions?

I submitted a Barcamp topic that seeks to address many of the XCM topics that have been brought up in this thread:

I proposed a bridges session/workshop for BarCamp at Polkadot Summit: Barcamp - Submit Agenda Topics - #6 by Vincent.

It would complement the XCM session very well I think.

I made this post with the BarCamp in mind, so to some extent this topic is redundant. I won’t close the topic, though, because other teams might want to organize workshops outside of the BarCamp as well. Still, anyone interested in the BarCamp should post here: Polkadot Summit: Barcamp - Submit Agenda Topics - #2 by colin