Possibilities for core time sales / revenue

I would like to see discussion in the community , regarding the possibilites of what will happen with revenue from core time sales , it is my hope , and personal opinion that it would be beneficial for the overall economics and tokenomics of the ecosystem that at least a portion of the revenue fees should be burned in order to offset inflation somewhat .

Ideally , over time im hoping to see discussion and action in reducing inflation overall in polkadot, i often see criticism of the percieved high level of inflation , in my opinion , the current 7% is not so high , but over time / years accumulates greatly when compounded , especially over the span of decades . At 7% inflation it roughly takes 10 years for the supply to double - which accelerates due to compounding , so it is an issue i feel should be addressed in some way in time and with core time revenue it offers a perfect opportunity for multiple ways to effect the rate of inflation, without neccessarily impacting rewards for securing the network in an excessive manner.

While a burning mechanism is the most obvious and simple way to offset inflation without a straight reduction in another form - another possibility could be if revenue could ever be issued to stakers, instead of a burning mechanism ( if thats actually on the table ) , alongside a reduction in inflation , rewards for securing the network would stay healthy, alongside lower dilution / inflation in the long run.

If revenue proves consistant over an extended period , a reducing of the treasuries reward from inflation, ( reducing overall inflation ) but allocating revenue from core sales instead to fund the treasury , is another possibility which would lead to the same outcome .


Given historical trends there will be very little revenue to burn (Kusama blockspace is effectively free right now) and Polkadot is moving in that direction especially given coretime sales move from an opportunity cost to a direct cost.

In many ways if coretime is free or near enough it creates a much better baseline for judging the relative effectiveness of initiatives that aim to drive direct coretime demand.

In this regard, Kusama will be a better short term signal for assessing varying strategies.

Thankyou for sharing this link, excellent reading and exactly the kind of discussion i was looking for, was not aware of the thread on github.