Poll: Gosemble pallet templates for business verticals

Hey everyone,

Let’s talk about the current tech options for building on Polkadot. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s working well, what could be better, and where we see things heading.

Most of Polkadot’s infrastructure is built using Polkadot-sdk / Rust. It’s powerful and customisable, but it can be complex for new developers. Sometimes, a simpler option is needed to bring more people on board.

That’s why at Limechain, we started building Gosemble, a go-based alternative if substrate, last year. It’s a new framework in Go specifically for building parachains. It’s still a work in progress, but we believe it could offer a simpler, more accessible alternative.

Now, why are we doing this, you ask? Well, a few reasons actually:

  • By offering different implementations, we can create better abstractions and options for developers.
  • We aim to simplify the building process. Many developers don’t need all the features of Polkadot-sdk, and its learning curve can be a barrier. We want to make Polkadot more open and accessible to a wider range of developers, strengthening the network.
  • Having multiple implementations reduces the risk of relying on one entity for key infrastructure.

And here’s where you come in and how you can support us. We’re in the process of shaping Gosemble’s roadmap to make sure it meets the community’s needs. One idea we’re researching is implementing a consolidated set of pallets focused on specific business verticals, like Smart Contracts/EVM, DeFi, NFT, Identity, Privacy, and Gaming.

Before prioritizing and finalizing those, we want to hear your feedback and make sure we are on the right track. We’ve set up a quick poll for you to vote on which of those verticals you think should be top priority from your perspective.

And if you’ve got other verticals in mind or any other thoughts, please drop us a comment below or reach out to us directly at @hristogergov:matrix.org. We’re all ears!

Let’s embark on this journey together as we shape the future of Polkadot development. Stay tuned for updates on how Gosemble evolves and contributes to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Excited to hear your thoughts!
LimeChain team

Which business verticals should be the initial focus of Gosemble?

  • Smart Contracts / EVM
  • DeFi
  • NFT
  • Gaming
  • Identity
  • Privacy
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I hope more people vote on this, as it is very important to align the vision of the project with the community and the ecosystem :handshake:.