Substrate-etl 2.0: Polkadot + Kusama Data on Dune (12 months, 3/15/24-3/31/25)

We @ Colorful Notion are addressing the need for a Dune Analytics Style Data Service for Polkadot / Kusama by working with Dune to onboard Polkadot/Kusama Relay Chain in early 2024 and then, with parachain demand extending to parachains with significant activity.

We thought to do submit a Decentralized Futures proposal. But it became clear that because
(a) the DFP is only covering one year
(b) the Dune integration required a 2+ yr commitment and
(c) we wish to support both the relay chain + parachains with significant activity
the OpenGov route was the only path for our ability to take substrate-etl to the next level with Polkadot.

Here is the OpenGov proposal:
Referendum #366 | Full Proposal

Thank you everyone!


thank you colorful notion team :pray: Dune integration is really handy and super helpful, otherwise manually scraping data and putting into charts too tedious.

some of the interesting dune dashboards I found

more such dashboards can be viewed here

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