Substrate-etl 2.0: Polkadot + Kusama Data on Dune (12 months, 3/15/24-3/31/25)

We @ Colorful Notion are addressing the need for a Dune Analytics Style Data Service for Polkadot / Kusama by working with Dune to onboard Polkadot/Kusama Relay Chain in early 2024 and then, with parachain demand extending to parachains with significant activity.

We thought to do submit a Decentralized Futures proposal. But it became clear that because
(a) the DFP is only covering one year
(b) the Dune integration required a 2+ yr commitment and
(c) we wish to support both the relay chain + parachains with significant activity
the OpenGov route was the only path for our ability to take substrate-etl to the next level with Polkadot.

Here is the OpenGov proposal:
Referendum #366 | Full Proposal

Thank you everyone!


thank you colorful notion team :pray: Dune integration is really handy and super helpful, otherwise manually scraping data and putting into charts too tedious.

some of the interesting dune dashboards I found

more such dashboards can be viewed here

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Thanks to #366 being enacted in January, I am happy to report that we at Colorful Notion are well on our way to full Polkadot ecosystem integration:

We started with:

and are demonstrating that Dune Substrate tables data models work to do in-depth models of leading DEXes:

Colorful notion will onboard all known Polkadot parachains (as of the start of 2024) this spring and help parachains/projects showcase their growth throughout the year, all supported by OpenGov.

Our goal is not to be the only dashboard builders but just catalysts to get a community of Substrate / Polkadot data analysts. This has to be a collaborative effort with Polkadot projects and broader Web3 data analytics community. If you’d like to see your Polkadot parachain / project on Dune this Spring/Summer, please reach out to us on Telegram @colorfulnotion

Thank you DOT OpenGov for your support! We are proud of the work we have done so far and hope we can help Polkadot teams share growth stories in the months and years to come about all the awesome stuff that goes on here =)