Polkadot on CCTF Networking Yacht Event | April 17th - Dubai


CCTF DAO is organizing events for hackers, coders and IT business people since 2019. Our team is part of the Polkadot ecosystem for approx 3 years. We started Polkadot Hungary and organize the Polkadot Championship series which brought us whole new projects/teams and plenty of new business opportunities.

The next big event is CCTF vol9, round 2 in Dubai, happening in April 16th, before Pulse and Token 2049. The best players of round 1 are brought to our on-yacht event - those who could hack the hardes crypto CTF challenges!

In partnership with Token2049, Polkadot Pulse and many ecosystem teams we are working on showing the world how awesome Polkadot is!

As a CCTF Founder and also Polkadot Head Ambassador (hopefully reelected in the new system too), I proposed to our team to let Polkadot have the main and exclusive sponsorship for Polkadot. Everyone agreed (notably, most of our DAO members are Polkadot Ambassadors as well). We also agreed letting it to be retroactive, so first we show the community what our event is capable of, then request anything after.

We secured 30 tickets for Polkadot! DM @six for your entry!

An aftermovie will be created, showcasing Polkadot being a top ecosystem!


Awesome news! :100:

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This event you can not miss if you are in Dubai before Token 2049. See you on the VIP event.

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yachting the unyachted. Crypto is doing real wonders.

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this looks fun!

I wonder if it is actually the first Yacht event in the Polkadot ecosystem. Thrilled to organize!!! :fire:

Update on press releases



Next releases coming on Cointelegraph and Bitcoinist.


CCTF x Polkadot: SOLD OUT :partying_face:

See you on the 17th!

CCTF x Polkadot Yacht event update: April 17th!

To ensure an exceptional experience on the first Polkadot yacht and due to weather conditions, we needed to move the event to tomorrow. It starts after Polkadot Pulse!

Good news is the date change allowed us to welcome more guests, so we extended the capacity to 130: APRIL 17TH! CCTF Yacht x Polkadot: VIP Networking with top Web3 Hackers ยท Luma

We are going to have an awesome networking event tomorrow: top hackers, DJ, challenges, HODLbags, unlimited food&drinks. :fire:

See you onboard! :100: