Polkadot.js ledger support

hello.can anyone tell me please is ledger hardware wallet support still experimental on polkadot.js wallet?

i ask because i see notice in UI :

Ledger support is still experimental and some issues may remain. Trust, but verify the addresses on your devices before transferring large amounts. There are some features that will not work, including batch calls (used extensively in staking and democracy) as well as any identity operations.

and the question arose: is this an outdated warning or actual info?

Batch and Batch All support seem to be supported now, but not Nesting in its entirety. Check out the full support spectrum here (github).

Nesting is available on some features, like Democracy and a couple of Staking functions.

Here (polkadot.js docs) is an example of a nested call.

I will soon be testing and improving Ledger support on staking dashboard. The dashboard does not use nested calls, but does use batched calls. After some real testing I will write up a formalised support article in the repo’s README. Polkadot JS Apps will definitely require nesting, this is probably why it is marked as experimental on there.

Zondax just updated their Polkadot Ledger app with all the required staking calls with nesting fulfilled.

Staking dashboard should be fully supported now - will test shortly.