Polkadot Generic Ledger App

Hello everyone,

In the months since the approval of our proposal our team has been deeply engaged in the development of the Generic Polkadot App and we’re excited to share our progress.

Key Developments so far:

  1. Specs for Metadata Protocol: We have been collaborating with the Alzymologist team in the specification of the metadata for offline signers. The metadata size is crucial for our solution since Ledger devices have ~4 kB of RAM. The outcome from this protocol was a reduction in the size of the metadata from 300 kB to ~5 kB.

  2. Development of an early prototype for Offline Devices: using an early version of this new metadata we have initiated development of the generic app for Ledger devices. We have ensured safety and security by adopting clear signing on most of pallets and methods, avoiding illegible hashes, and making signatures human-readable. We presented our prototype during the Sub0 conference and a recording of it can be viewed here. We have also uploaded another demo video here

In this repository the progress of this project can be tracked​.

Looking Ahead:

These are some of the upcoming areas we will be focusing during the next months:

  • Communication package
  • Integration with web wallets and Ledger Live
  • Extend testing coverage to most pallets and parachains
  • Incorporating metadata into signatures
  • Third party security audit

We appreciate the ongoing support from the Polkadot community and look forward to sharing more updates soon. If you have any questions you can always contact our team at ledger@zondax.ch


Thanks so much for the update - this will be a huge unlock in UX for anyone using Polkadot SDK chains :heart_eyes:

Hey everyone,

We want to share with you that we continue to make solid progress in the development of the Generic Polkadot App and we are excited to share the latest updates with you.

Recent Developments:

This past month, as anticipated, we managed to complete and have ready the following points:

  • JS Communication package: Done, we will make it public soon.

  • Extended testing coverage to most pallets and parachains: We have tested all pallets of Polkadot/Kusama, Statemine/Statemint, and other parachains.

  • Incorporating metadata into signatures: Parity has provided a branch based on Rococo GitHub - paritytech/polkadot-sdk at bkchr-metadata-hash

What’s Next:

Now, with these achievements, we’re moving forward to the following areas:

  • Development of the Migration App: this will allow to unlock and move funds that are currently in existing Ledger applications.

  • Integration with Web Wallets and Ledger Live: conversations are currently on going

  • Third-Party Security Audit, which we plan to start coordinating in the coming weeks.

  • A guide for Parachains, to add the changes needed on the runtime to be able to use the generic app. This needs RFC 46 (see below) to be approved so that there’s a specification document ready.

In order to add this functionality to the Polkadot Runtime, the team has opened RFC #46. We kindly request the fellows to take a look at this and provide feedback so that this can be improved and added to the Polkadot Runtime.