Polkadot is a killer network, it needs a killer app/game

I aspire to create a game underpinned by the Polkadot network, targeting the Southeast Asian market. My choice for Polkadot stems from its potential to make the game permissionless and ad-free, amongst other benefits, truly embodying the ethos of Polkadot.

The idea is to create a simplistic yet enjoyable game. I believe fun should be at the core of our focus for the forthcoming 6-12 months until the game is fully developed and embraced by millions.

This platform could foster an environment for chat, instigate governance and much more. We might even draw inspiration from games like World of Warcraft in the future. So, is this feasible? How and when do we initiate the process?

This needs more detail.

Do you have a design doc? Resource requirements? Or development planning so that we can better assess how feasible the project might be? And I don’t think a treasury proposal makes sense before a verticle slice and a common-good reason since the treasury won’t fund projects that don’t benefit the network directly.