Polkadot GiantSquid updates thread

Hey everyone,

At LimeChain, we are working on migrating the existing giant-squid-main codebase to use the newest ArrowSquid processor. This post aims to update the community on our progress and highlight some noteworthy changes.

The core purpose of the project is updating the dependency version (following the ArrowSquid migration guide provided by Subsquid) and resolving any issues with deployment and data indexing. As an outcome we aim to deploy squids using the new processor to the already supported chains from the Substrate ecosystem.

The second focus of the project is to improve the indexing capabilities of Substrate squids by implementing indexing calls and events from Staking and Crowdloans pallets. The result of the prerequisite is well-abstracted, easy to extend, and understandable by the developer’s code, laying the foundation for adding support for more pallets in the future. The team also plans to add support for indexing the most important events and calls from the two aforementioned pallets, with the result being able to access critical information like staking rewards and crowdloan information from each squid’s API endpoint.

You can find further details on the project roadmap in the Referenda here.

For the last month, the team have being actively working on implementing the following topics: