ArrowSquid Migration & Indexing Upgrades Proposal

We’re happy to present our proposal for the Substrate Subsquid Migration to ArrowSquid & Indexing Upgrades, marking a big step forward in improving on-chain data access within the Substrate ecosystem. This project is all about making things faster, smoother, and more efficient for developers and users across chains like Polkadot, Kusama, Moonbeam, Acala, and many more


Navigating the transition from Firesquid to ArrowSquid is like upgrading your favorite tool—it brings exciting improvements but also requires some adjustment. With ArrowSquid’s near real-time APIs offering lightning-fast response times, it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, there’s the snag with Substrate squids lacking support for critical Staking and Crowdloans pallets, leaving some chains hanging. And let’s not overlook Talisman Wallet—it’s counting on GiantSquid’s data and performance, making this migration crucial for its enhancement.

The project aims to tackle these challenges by:

  • Migrating the existing giant-squid-main codebase to utilize the ArrowSquid processor, improving speed and efficiency across all supported chains.
  • Enhancing indexing capabilities by implementing indexing of calls and events from the Staking and Crowdloans pallets, enabling access to vital on-chain information.

This will unfold in two milestones. The first milestone will concentrate on migrating giant-squid-main to ArrowSquid, encompassing tasks such as upgrading dependencies, configuring endpoints, and rigorous testing before deployment. The second milestone will shift focus to indexing Staking and Crowdloan pallets calls and events, further enriching the ecosystem with valuable insights.

Why vote aye:

By supporting this proposal, you’re contributing to the progress of the Substrate ecosystem. With faster access to on-chain data and improved indexing capabilities, developers can innovate more swiftly, and users can experience smoother interactions with blockchain applications. Your vote will empower the technological advancement of the ecosystem, making it stronger and more resilient that benefits everyone involved.

You can vote here: #618 Subsquid Migration to ArrowSquid & Indexing Upgrades

We aim to ensure the Treasury Proposal’s reasoning is both comprehensive and transparent. We are committed to providing any additional explanations and information you may require.