Polkadot Digest 18 Jan 2023

Polkadot News

XCM version 3 has been merged into the master branch of the Polkadot repo. https://twitter.com/gavofyork/status/1615363662801428486

With 17 days left to vote, Referendum 98, proposing to update the parathread ID in the genesis state Wasm of Bittensor parachain, is passing with 99% in favor. Polkassembly

With just a few hours left to vote, Referendum 99, proposing to upgrade the Statemint and Collectives system parachain code to runtime v9360, is passing unanimously. Polkassembly

Wei Tang has posted a potential Treasury Proposal for the Polkadot Treasury to provide funding to the Matrix.org Foundation. Post | morum

Kusama News

With 16 hours left in the current parachain lease auction, Litentry is still in the lead, but Luhn Network and parathread ID have also been in the lead during the Ending Period. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

If you are unfamiliar with candle auctions, you can find more information on the Polkadot Wiki: Parachain Slot Auctions · Polkadot Wiki

Referendum 72 on the Root track is proposing to schedule five more auctions. Polkassembly

Note that this was originally filed as Referendum 71, but it was noted that due to an issue with Scheduler track, it would not execute.

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