Polkadot Digest 3 Feb 2023

Polkadot News

There have been quite a few upgrades to the Polkadot Wiki recently. Among these are a major revamp of the Wallets page. Wallets · Polkadot Wiki

Another feature is the automatically-updated auction schedule. Parachain Slot Auctions · Polkadot Wiki

With 2 days left to vote, Referendum 98, proposing to update the parathread ID in the genesis state Wasm of @bittensor_ parachain, is passing with 99% in favor. Polkassembly

Referendum 101, proposing to approve the Wasm smart contracts bounty (Bounty #19) is currently passing unanimously with 24 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Interested in building on Polkadot, but not sure what to build? There are a variety of ideas that the W3F Grants team is looking for teams to implement and receive grants for. Grants-Program/rfps.md at 49443f284ef7d536901884e2f61d4ee98b5ab3f2 · w3f/Grants-Program · GitHub

Kusama News

With two days left in the current parachain lease auction, Mangata X has been in the lead the entire Ending Period. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

There are now 12 active OpenGov Referenda available to vote on Kusama. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

To understand how OpenGov works, it is recommended that one read the relevant Kusama Guide page: OpenGov · Guide

Some housekeeping news: next week, the Polkadot Digest will be published by Filippo, Technical Educator at W3F. I’ll be back on 13 Feb.

And finally, today marks the completion of 3 years (and 679 issues!) of the Polkadot Digest! I am looking forward to starting my fourth year and beyond…