Polkadot Airdrops and VC Funding

Hey All,

I wanted to re-visit a previous topic


While the tactical aspects of the proposal would no longer be applicable I believe the strategy is. Further, we now have a significantly better tactical ability to execute the strategy. @giotto loves airdrops. And what can I say, people like free things (albeit not technically free since we fund many items via the Treasury).

With the emergence of Polimec, I no longer see why Polkadot can’t fund projects (acting as a VC of sorts) using our Treasury. Instead of asking for airdrops we consider the following:

  1. Polimec does KYB so we know the folks we are interacting with have been cleared.

  2. Polkadot sets up a collective of experts to vet investments (they KYC). Those folks get paid a salary and a percent of the tokens they invest in. They are now incentivized to pick good investments.

  3. Those folks get allocated a monthly, quarterly, or annual budget (so not a free for all). They can be removed at any time based on a governance vote.

  4. Projects get funded.

  5. Token holders accrue the benefits of funding projects (substitute for airdrops). These tokens accrue to the Treasury.

  6. Polimec also wins.

And as always, someone probably needs to confirm with a Lawyer :slight_smile: