Polimec Ambassador Program

Hi Everyone,

I’m Guido (Polkadot Ambassador and Global Lead Ambassador & on-chain Council Member of Polimec Protocol).

Polimec Protocol is a decentralized community-driven funding protocol developed on Polkadot to accelerate the Web3 ecosystem. The open-source and module-based blockchain system facilitates fundraising in a regulatory compliant and sustainable manner using on-chain credentials by Deloitte Switzerland, anchored on KILT Protocol’s blockchain. (Whitepaper / Lightpaper)

Learn more about the partnership between Polimec and Deloitte Switzerland:

Learn more about Polimec’s Road to Launch:

The objective of this post is to introduce the Polimec Ambassador Program to the entire Polkadot Forum. Some say it is the best Ambassador Program on the Polkadot’s ecosystem. Maybe you should check it out for yourself!? :coffee: :eyes:

Polimec Ambassador Program was created to increase the adoption and understanding of the Polimec protocol, a decentralized community-driven funding protocol developed on Polkadot to accelerate the Web3 ecosystem.

Polimec is seeking individuals who are:

  • Passionate about disrupting private markets, Polimec & Polkadot.
  • Identifying with the core values of Polimec, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Skilled in marketing, community building/management, writing, coding, video creation, or have other relevant skills.
  • Eager to connect with like-minded people of various backgrounds and to dive deeper into on-chain fundraising.

Tasks and responsibilities, among other things:

  • Educate, grow, and engage with the Polimec Community.
  • Develop various types of content (e.g. articles, Twitter/Linkedin threads, videos, and memes).
  • Translate content into different languages.
  • Ensure accurate representation of the Polimec protocol on social media platforms (e.g. answer community questions accurately).
  • Commitment of at least 2 hours per week to promote Polimec.
  • Early-Superuser on Polimec protocol functionalities, including feedback from an end-user perspective.

What’s in it for you?

You get to:

  • Join a community of individuals with similar goals, aspirations, and interests.
  • Gain early access to new developments within Polimec (e.g. beta testing).
  • Earn special rewards and perks from the Polimec core-team.
  • Receive exclusive access to Polimec’s events.

As an Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Polimec. Together, we will strive to create the most advanced, accessible, and decentralized protocol to raise funds and participate in early-stage projects. This is a monumental undertaking, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Currently the Polimec Ambassador Program is made up of more than 100 Ambassadors around the world (+40 countries). Recently the Polimec Ambassador Program celebrated the first Anniversary!

Join the Polimec Ambassador Program today, and let’s push toward this ambitious goal together.

Application Form

Here are all the resources you need to go down the rabbit hole: Website / Knowledge Hub.

Follow Polimec on X (@PolimecProtocol) to stay up to date on any developments.

Reach out to Polimec Foundation if you have any questions: info@polimec.org


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Waiting for more new passionate ambassadors in our crew… and yes, we drink lots of coffee :coffee:


Great team around the project. :ok_hand:


Polimec’s Ambassador program is one of the best around.


Excelente Programa para Embajadores de este gran proyecto para financiación de capital :+1::sparkles::coffee:


Coffee Society! :coffee: :green_heart:

Proud to be part of Polimec :fire:


The Best Ambassador´s Program!


Don’t miss the latest Space Monkeys Podcast by @ChrawnnaCorp (The Kusamarian) with Kasper (Co-Founder of Polimec Foundation):


Become one of us! :coffee:


The best ambassador program, and with the best coffee :eyes::coffee:

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The friendliest, warmest Ambassador tribe on Web3 :upside_down_face:

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I love all the Polimec ambassadors’ enthusiasm, but please let’s not clutter this place up with insubstantial replies.

Thank you.

Best Team Polimec :star_struck:, glad to be a part of the program :100:

The best Ambassador Program :star_struck:

Proud to be part of Coffee fam! LFG

Guido, congratulations on your new roles on Polimec, you were the first person I met on the Polkadot Ecosystem almost three years ago, and all the efforts of the Ambassadors Program are noticed by the community, at least, I can say that this Program is being well received on Latam, particularly Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

I’m happy to see all the initiatives from Polimec to community and ecosystem integration, with core values for decentralized fundraising. I trust this initiative, because Polimec, is one of the communities the Polkadot Ambassadors are always talking about, the branding is polished and the team behind the program is proactive and trustworthy.

On my track over Polkadot, I’ve met a lot of enthusiasts and professionals, the Polimec team, I consider them part of my pillars of being a founder, not only because Polimec is going to be a main tool for founders for fundraising, but also, it happens that within Polimec these professionals have a great track record and I have been fortunate to talk to Kasper and Luca on different occasions, like the PBA 4 in Hong Kong, and the Polkadot Global Hackathon Series APAC Edition, being these conversations enlightening and a relief many times when I felt uncertain about anything regardless founders things.

The Ambassadors are the reflection of the Founders and I can say that, if this is how I feel, I know the Polimec Ambassadors Program is a good approach to carry on these tools and knowledge to a community that needs this Protocol to help founders and investors through uncertainty.

With the Polimec Ambassadors Program, more founders and investors can reach many projects thanks to well-thought Ambassador Mechanisms for onboarding and evangelizing on Polimec, I’ve witnessed the job of the Polimec Ambassadors, starting with you Guido, my friend, and this is just the start of the journey.

This Program is a good approach for the Protocol itself, thanks for posting here, hopefully, more enthusiasts can join the Polimec journey. LFG!

I forgot… where’s my coffee? :coffee: