Pending reward. What do I do?


I’m new to Polkadot eco system so forgive me if I’m asking a real simple question, but I was not able to find my answer in the FAQ’s.

I have staked my dot via I see in the recent payouts some rewards but the show as pending. Is there something I must do to claim them? I don’t see an option for that. Or do I have to wait for an era before they are compounded again?

Thanks for your answer

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You can trigger the payout here:

However usually that is not necessary. Maybe just check in a day or two if the payout is no longer pending.

When a validator requests their payout, they also trigger the payout of all nominators which have nominated that validator.

So as a normal nominator, you usually do not need to do anything to get your rewards, just wait.

As @cpiccard mentioned, if you do not want to wait, you (or anyone else) can trigger the payout by making a transaction to the relay chain, and you will trigger the payout for everyone under your validator.

Worth noting that if you trigger the validator payout yourself rather than waiting for the validator to do so (they have 84 days, btw), then you will pay the fee.