On-chain Steps to Join the Polkadot Fellowship

Hi all :wave:

I’ve been contributing to the Polkadot protocol as a Parachains Core team member at Parity for a number of months now. I’m just now reaching the point where I feel my contributions are sufficient to become a 1st dan Fellowship member. But the exact process to follow in requesting membership on-chain is unclear to me. If an authority on the subject could weigh in here it would be much appreciated!

Here are the steps to the best of my knowledge:

  1. Register as candidate: To quote the Fellowship Manifesto, “Any account may register to become a Candidate for a basic deposit.” But I haven’t been able to identify an extrinsic targeting this fellowship registration step. What might that be?

  2. Have a current Fellowship member initiate a vote concerning your addition to the Fellowship. Seems that the call would be:
    fellowshipCollective -> addMember(who).
    Wait for vote to conclude.

  3. Any other steps? Perhaps:
    fellowshipCollective -> promoteMember(who)


Here you can find a guide on how to join.


Exactly what I needed. Thank you!