Ocelloids: Simplify Cross-chain Development on Polkadot


Ocelloids is live! :zap:

Explore how our multi-chain solutions simplify building on and integrating with Polkadot:

  • Real-time data streams
    Subscribe to and apply flexible filters over real-time data streams to receive on-chain activity of your interest. Includes XCM correlation so you’re always updated on the status of transactions, even if they go cross-chain.
    Choose to receive streams over WebSockets or webhooks, or both!

  • Aggregated data APIs
    Retrieve data from multiple chains at once without having to worry about the custom implementations of each parachain. Already live for assets, more coming soon!

  • Offchain agents
    Our agents package business logic to extract, aggregate and correlate on-chain activity across networks to deliver developer-friendly data. Soon, you will also be able to build your own for your custom needs and run it in the Ocelloids Network!

Dive into our offerings :point_down:

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