Ocelloids XCM Tracking Demos: Tracking App + DEX App Integration

Hey everyone,

We’d like to share a quick demo and update of Ocelloids :slight_smile:

In this demo, we are connecting to long-running subscriptions of XCM through WebSockets and displaying them in the UI as notifications arrive in real-time.

This example tracker app is using our new client library to open WebSocket connections to subscriptions previously created through the XCM Monitoring Server API.

The XCM Monitoring Server now also tracks and notifies on different waypoints during the XCM journey. For example, below in the live view of the Polkadot Asset Hub subscription, we are displaying sent, relayed and received notifications with relevant contextual information on each step.

We also added observability with Prometheus for performance tracking and health monitoring of the server. Here is an example of a Grafana dashboard:

You can see the number of messages per XCM channel, notification errors, and relevant ingress information of the chains that we’re connected to.

We also did an artillery test and the server was able to easily handle 3k on-demand WebSocket subscriptions with low overhead :muscle:

We’re still working on many new features and improvements and will be back with more updates soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out.

Stay fresh!

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Hey everyone,

We’re back with another quick demo of the progress we’re making on Ocelloids.

This time, we integrated the Ocelloids client library with HydraDX’s cross-chain app to show how users can be notified in real-time of their XCM transfer outcome on the destination chain.

Screenshot of example notification toast:

In addition to this demo, we’ve also added some new features such as detection of asset traps and notifications on XCM timeout (not received within a certain timeframe).

fig: XCM fail + asset trapped and XCM timeout

That’s all for now!
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We added aggregated stream across all chains with active XCM channels in the XCM Tracker demo app.


An XCM from Pendulum:

The memory footprint of the process running in non-distributed mode, i.e. integrated, for the 18 chains:


Thx for sharing this !

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We’ve launched a public instance of the XCM Tracker :point_down:


  • Crosschain Assets Metadata: User-friendly format for the amounts of XCM asset transfers. Uses the Data Steward API to retrieve asset and currency metadata.
  • Pin XCM Journeys: You can now pin XCM journeys in the UI.

Check it out and let us know what you think.