Nicks pallet branch missing?

Im new to substrate and trying to explore the nicks pallet integration with my node-template. When i add this pallet to my dependency section

pallet-nicks = { version = "4.0.0-dev", default-features = false, git = "", branch = "polkadot-v1.0.0" }

There is no github branch exist on that name. How do i resolve this?

I’m not sure where you are getting this line from, but it looks to be an issue with the recent migration to the polkadot-sdk monorepo. There is no “polkadot-v1.0.0” branch there ( Tags · paritytech/polkadot-sdk · GitHub ).

Maybe try “polkadot-v1.1.0” instead? The nicks pallet seems to be there -

Or read it from the Substrate repo instead? GitHub - paritytech/substrate: Substrate: The platform for blockchain innovators instead of polkadot-sdk.git

Please report back if either of these work and ideally file a PR or issue where you saw this line originally.

I got this code from official substrate docs

Its a bug. Now i’m using the substrate git and its working

As Bill said this branch doesn’t exist in the polkadot-sdk monorepo.

I have seen this issue before on StackExchange: What version of polkadot relaychain and substrate-parachain-template can be used? and what I did was to open a fix in the Substrate Docs repository: Fix wrong branch of new repository fixing that.

I would suggest you open an issue or create a fix yourself to help the Documentation Team: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

For the future, this kind of issues are better to ask in StackExchange than here in the Forum.