Milestone 2 Status Update & Milestone 3 Proposal: OpenZeppelin x Polkadot Ecosystem Growth

Hello Polkadot Community!

Luca here from OpenZeppelin :wave:

We’re thrilled to update you on our progress and introduce our latest proposal, Phase M3, under our ongoing collaboration with the Polkadot ecosystem. As you may know, following the approval of Referendum #105 and successful completion of our two first milestones that include putting together a stellar engineering team and the release of our Generic Runtime Template for Substrate we are ready to continue shipping :ship:.

As we continue from our successful engagements and developments from the previous phases, this proposal aims to accelerate the creation and deployment of fundamental parachain runtime templates.

What We’ve Achieved So Far:

  • We’ve put together a stellar team of 3 engineers, supported by a project manager and our CTO, to lead the charge on this ambitious project.

  • The Generic Runtime and underlying FRAME pallets, initially set out in our first phase, have been completed. After a thorough audit by SR Labs, this runtime is ready for use in production, the code can be found in our public GitHub repository and the documentation can be found here.

Proposal Overview for M3

  • The launch of an EVM Runtime Template configured with Frontier pallets to support Solidity smart contracts seamlessly on Substrate chains.

  • Continued integration with the evolving features of Polkadot and Kusama, including the new Coretime feature replacing traditional parachain slots.

  • A detailed developer guide to assist in migrating Solidity contracts from Ethereum to our EVM runtime template.

  • Collaboration with R0gue to integrate Pop CLI with our templates to give developers an even easier experience.

  • Fees may be paid with the tokens from Snowbridge or any existing subset of tokens from AssetHub.

We expect the EVM Runtime Template to be feature complete by the beginning of June 2024, with audits starting early July before it can be ready for production usage.

Engagement and Feedback:

Your feedback has been instrumental in our journey so far, and it remains crucial. We invite everyone to engage in our EVM template by:

  • Sharing your thoughts and feedback on specific GitHub issues here.

  • If you are an open source builder and want to contribute, open a PR here.

  • Share any general comments by replying to this forum thread.

Quality and Security Assurance:

  • All code is maintained in public GitHub repositories, following rigorous review processes.

  • We’re developing comprehensive test suites for all runtimes, ensuring high code coverage and integration tests for key functions.

Looking forward to continuing to build secure and easy to use runtimes for the ecosystem. Your contributions and feedback are not just welcome, they’re essential.