Kusama issue #1: Treasury burn, Kappa Sigma Mu and the richest collective you've never heard of

With respect I disagree.

The reason comedy (insincerity as you say) has worked forever… to tackle big issues, is you can approach difficult subjects in a lateral and entertaining way and ultimately the little guy can score points against the big fish, who almost always end up taking themselves far too seriously…

This approach has worked in bringing three new people to the forum to defend their initative, explain it better to the community and ultimately help shine a light on an issue many people complain about privately, but refuse to do anything about.

Yes I am being direct, and yes I am trying to get a reaction, but this is part of the process of driving up the collective intelligence of the collective, not just insulating some specific group from exposure to critique.

In the US satire is protected under freedom of speech - in the UK, it is part of our national identity - comedy is a vital, but underrecognised element of democratic societies.

If people are going to be so sensitive about their ideas that they call foul everytime someone outside the clique critiques, we’re not gonna get very far.

I could point to some people’s track record creating multiple accounts, using ChatGPT and trying to influence opinion under the cover of anons, but this is again all part of the game… choose your weapons and good luck to you :slight_smile:

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