Is it possible to integrate Polkadot with NFT Verification for DIscord roles?

We are looking to research if it is possible to integrate Polkadot with NFT Verification for DIscord roles. If this isn’t available, we would be open to discuss building such a toolset

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On a technical level, that should be possible and not that hard to do if you have anything already working for evm nfts

1 Like is the best bet here - works on Moonbeam already
I’ve been pitching them to add native substrate support for chains, considering that they are also building using substrate :smiley:


Isn’t this exactly what Lunar Assistant does (from GraviDAO)?

we did this like a year ago for GameDAO with rmrk2 assets on kusama and our discord using a custom bot.

I guess you can consider this as an application use of KILT Protocol.

You can have an identity using DIDs and generate a credential using SocialKYC.

It won’t be an NFT that is public but a private credential.

While the DID approach scales better, the NFT itself can also be soulbound, poap like and a bearer token. For EVM compatible there should be plenty available also.

Depending on your technical experience, KodaDot offers Uniquery, which helps you to query NFTs based on conditions you need..

We’ve been internally building exactly this for the Substrate ecosystem, yet we put it on hold for now. We can resume that if there is demand; the code is still there.