Introducing TheLowLevelers - Low-level developer community for Polkadot

Hi everyone in the Polkadot ecosystem!

I’m one of the core contributors to TheLowLevelers community and we are growing a developer community for Polkadot enthusiasts supervised by the growth advisor Cris Nguyen. I would love to connect more with people in the ecosystem who share similar interests and we are actively finding more members and contributors to the community.

TheLowLevelers is a vibrant non-profit community centered around Polkadot development and open-source experiments. Our primary aim is to cater to developers seeking a comprehensive understanding of the Polkadot blockchain, providing curated, in-depth materials with a low-level approach.

Our Mission

Empowering Developers, Fostering Innovation

At TheLowLevelers, we cultivate an environment that nurtures the growth of developers interested in the Polkadot ecosystem. Our initiatives revolve around two core pillars:

Events and Engagement

  • Weekly Meetups: Engage in lively discussions and share the latest technological advancements within the Polkadot ecosystem. These gatherings also serve as a launchpad for hackathons, empowering developers to “build to earn” in collaboration with our community.

  • Mentorship: As a member of TheLowLevelers, benefit from mentorship by seasoned engineers. Our mentorship program aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in engineering within the Polkadot projects landscape.

  • Workshops & Hackathons: Engage in hands-on workshops and hackathons designed to foster innovation and practical skill-building.

Research & Development

  • Exploration and Contribution: Dive deep into intriguing Polkadot blockchain topics and contribute to the open-source community. Alongside our vibrant events, TheLowLevelers’ core team focuses on crafting and sharing developer tools, contributing actively to advancing Polkadot’s development ecosystem.

Hey frens

Awesome to see TheLowLevelers start activities across SEA, I understand the scope is on Asia now however I was wondering would you guys be open to explore extending the program to include and cater towards starting a Polkadot developer community from Africa under the guide of OpenGuild.

I’m not a developer and not intending to dip my toes into code :slight_smile: but I know there is a considerable interest among developers here to explore Polkadot.

Among the issues/challenges Africa has:

  1. Awareness of Polkadot as well as activities is low since its inception.

  2. The number of developers proficient with Polkadot SDK are few even though Polkadot is known to have the 2nd largest developer community after Ethereum.

  3. Lack of a dedicated team of mentors who have time to help learners.

  4. EVM popularity continues to grow as they are establishing their influence through dedicated programs and rewards.

  5. Organising local training programs comes with a cost as contributors prefer to get paid for their time and effort, this becomes an issue for Polkadot stakeholders as some have trust issues, budget issues, lack of interest, expectations mismatch.

  6. A study plan/guide that takes learners from beginners to active contributors.

  7. Polkadot centric developer role models where learners can reach out to/follow.

  8. Continuous learning, growth and development program etc

The main goal and synergy I see is growing Polkadot awareness and influence in emerging markets through knowledge, but also some unique features of TheLowLevelers

  1. Community centric.

  2. Polkadot/Substrate focus.

  3. We all speak English apart from our distinct local languages.

We can probably have some extensive discussion on how we can collaborate, I’m in the discord just reach out to me and we can talk more.

Looking forward to hear from you guys and congrats to Tin for getting into PBA Singapore!