Introducing the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program to the community

We launched the Polkadot Developer Heroes program for the developer community at the end of June. You can read the related blog post here. Here are some details about why this program is coming to life.

The Polkadot developer community is growing, with increasing demand for support, particularly among newcomers struggling to find technical assistance. Recognizing this need, we found that there is a need to connect experienced advocates with those seeking guidance, also to strengthen the collaborative spirit of the open-source Polkadot ecosystem, emphasizing mutual support and growth.

To address these challenges, we have developed the Polkadot Developer Heroes program. This program aims to provide a flexible and effective framework where individuals seeking mentoring and support can connect with top-tier experts.

The program is welcoming developers of all levels! Being part of the program offers opportunities for mentoring, workshops, networking events, assistance with content creation, and other means of professional development.

Here’s a sneak peak to what you can do after you are being accepted:

Mentorship program - just launched!
If you need support in learning new skills or improving your knowledge in tech in the Polkadot ecosystem, you can become a mentee. If you have strong knowledge in one or more areas, you can become a mentor to someone. Great way to connect!

Workshops, community calls
Join our monthly community calls to hear about the updates and chat with fellow members. Participate in our technical workshops and sessions to learn more about the technology.

Discord community
Our community is growing on Discord, if you are a member, you can get access to some interesting discussions!

Hero nominations
We have a detailed review criteria, which can help you to become the Hero Polkadot needs! If you believe you are already a hero, you can nominate yourself! We already have a Hero, so we know it’s doable :slight_smile:

And a lot more is cooking - we are already considering other ways to bring more value to the developer community, collaborate with ecosystem teams, their communities, and more.

If all this sounds interesting, you can already sign up to become a candidate!


Hello Community!
I believe there is an extraordinary need for communities to nurture developers, especially beginners.

In the future, there will be a significant demand for Substrate developers who are eager to teach others about Substrate and Polkadot. If we aim to scale the PBA or introduce Polkadot Blockchain Courses at universities globally, we need as many Developer Heroes as possible.

I have been looking forward to the launch of this program. :clap::clap::clap: