Ink! Analyzer | October & November Updates Recap

Here’s what’s new for ink! Analyzer across all the main components (i.e. semantic analyzer, language server and VS Code extension) since the last update:

  • Diagnostics and quickfixes for chain environment arguments (i.e. argument value is a path to an item T and T: impl ink::env::Environment).
  • Diagnostics and quickfixes for ink! trait definition implementations (i.e. all trait definition methods are implemented and all method signatures - including annotated ink! attributes - match between the trait definition and it’s implementation).
  • Create project command.
  • General robustness improvements for language server and semantic analyzer.

For VS Code users, you can get the latest version from the VS Code Marketplace at (or directly from VS Code by searching for “ink! Analyzer” in the “Extensions” view).

For a deeper dive about ink! Analyzer and access to more resources, checkout the GitHub organization at - Issues, bug reports, PRs and feature requests are welcome at the respective GitHub repositories :slightly_smiling_face: .