Impact measurement approaches

:star: Measuring impact can help with determining how effective a disbursement process has been for generating impact for its ecosystem. Impact measuring can also help with future disbursement decisions by making it easier to identify the initiatives that could generate the most impact.

:hot_pepper: Impact measurement is complex! Measuring addressed priorities, executed ideas or peoples contribution efforts all often require qualitative analysis to fully understand the actual impact that has been generated. All of the approaches for measuring impact can have complexities around the total time it takes to verify the impact generated and also can have different game theory related risks that need to considered.

:bust_in_silhouette::straight_ruler: Contributor impact measurement has a promising opportunity for improving future disbursement decision making. If contributor impact can be sufficiently measured an ecosystem will be able to more reliably select the contributors that are the most consistent at generating impact for the ecosystem.

:man_construction_worker: More tools and processes for impact measurement will become progressively more important for the growing ecosystems that have an increased amount of funding available that could help with generating impactful outcomes.

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George, I see you’ve posted this (or variations on this) several times under different topic headings. I’m not 100% sure it’s Polkadot-specific or -relevant, first of all, but more importantly, it appears to be purely promotional (you’re just copy-pasting stuff from your website) and is thus bordering on spam. Please keep this to a single thread instead of making a new topic each time, thanks.

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No worries, I’ll do a single thread for any future updates and keep adding new info to that thread over time. The resources are applicable to OpenGov, W3F grants processes and any ecosystem project that has their own treasury assets they want to manage. Thanks! :green_heart:

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