Contribution verification approaches

:bust_in_silhouette::stopwatch: Individual time based contribution logs are one of the most effective ways for a disbursement process to:

  1. Measure ecosystem and contributor performance
  2. Maintain accurate contribution logs
  3. Reduce game theory risks
  4. Introduce more accurate performance incentives
  5. Generate insightful historical comparisons
  6. Improve future decision making

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:1234::x: Task based milestones are the least measurable and can increase the game theory related risks that an ecosystem will need to handle!

:moneybag::wrench: An important part of aligning and fixing the incentives is ensuring that the best performing contributors in an ecosystem get recognised. High performing contributors should be well incentivised and rewarded for the impact they generate.

:moneybag::white_check_mark: How an ecosystem records and verifies the execution outputs of its contributors will have a direct impact on how easy it becomes to recognise and reward the best performers.

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:new: We’ve expanded on the importance of contribution measurability

:bust_in_silhouette::pencil2: Contribution efforts can be made more measurable by fixing the execution scope, time or number of people involved in a given contribution log. Individual monthly contribution logs are a great way to increase contribution accuracy and measurability.

:dizzy: Contribution logs could be used for contribution verification, impact and performance measurement and historical comparisons. These logs can help with improving decision making, empowering contributors to own their own data and giving contributors more self awareness and accountability over their contributions.

:eyes: Measuring contribution outcomes is usually an inevitable task that needs to be performed during collaborative efforts. Comparing contribution outcomes helps with identifying whether incentives are being distributed fairly and what future changes might be necessary.

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