High-level transferring assets between parachains

Hey everybody, Supercolony team is working on adding pallet-assets chain extension to OpenBrush but now it’s hard to understand for the regular user how to transfer assets(e.g. created by me) between parachains using some high-level stuff like PolkadotJS UI and xcm-pallet. I can’t find any worthy documentation for how to do such things, so is it possible for now and if so, maybe somebody has the explanation of how to do it?

Try Moonbeam’s docs

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that’s good, but this explanation is more like “copy and paste”, but not explanation how it works and what things mean

What about this How to teleport assets on Statemint

but this is actually teleporting assets from relay-chain to Statemint, if we want to do some transfers between 2 parachains, so we need reserve-based transfers, which is a bit different from teleporting=)