Guide for integrating OpenGov to `substrate-node-template`

Hi Polkadot technical folks,

I have been researching OpenGov for a few days and want to build my substrate node with OpenGov features. I looked over a few pallets pallet-membership, pallet-democracy, pallet-collective, and pallet-treasury but integrating those always produces absurd bugs. I don’t know if there is any materials out there for an integration.

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I am also interested in this subject, with a twist: Is it possible to have OpenGov operate at the level/scope of a para-chain rather than the relay-chain?

I thought the OpenGov was operating both at the para-chain and the relay-chain level? Biofrost, Acala, and Moonbeam also implement OpenGov to their parachain runtime already.

Runtime of Biofrost already has pallet-democracy added: bifrost/runtime/bifrost-polkadot/Cargo.toml at 7b09365c56ec528955c33ddf414a3322382053f0 · bifrost-finance/bifrost · GitHub