Parachain governance pallet

Someone needs to come up a better name for this pallet…


OpenGov add a new matrix of the support rate and it is getting more important to allow token holders to participate relaychain governance.

However, right now it is only to participate when the tokens are stored at relaychain.

I think we should start thinking how to allow relaychain token holders on parachain to participate relaychain governance. With the plan of the Hermit Relaychain, all functionality of relaychain will be moved to parachains, this will become an essential requirement for governance to work. We are far away from there but with other plan like Statemint DEX, we should expect more and more relaychain tokens moving into parachains.

OpenGov already supports the ability to make split vote so that parachain sovereign account can vote onbehalf the token holders without convictions. It will be great if we can support convictions but that could be a future improvement.


So essentially we just need a pallet that:

  • Allow relaychain token holder on parachain to vote for OpenGov track without conviction
  • Lock the relaychain token, and issue XCM to cast the vote

Then we can have every parachain install this pallet, create some unified interface, and people will be able to participate relaychain governance regardless where their tokens are.

Future work

  • Allow staking derivative token holder to vote
  • Allow delegation
  • Allow LP token to vote
  • Allow vote with conviction

Great idea! I specially like the “LP token to vote”. if relaychain holder on parachain to vote for OpenGov track. is that can be reduce the anxiety of the attack that happend on parachain? users can lock the most part of ksm of parachain’s sovereign account which can be controll by parachain Gov.