Going R0GUE: Decentralized Futures

go rogue: “behaving in a way that is not normal or expected, especially by leaving your group and doing something dangerous” (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary).

We are going rogue and are ready to do something disruptive to the status quo. We are creating an entity that solves challenges in the Web3 space with imaginative solutions. An entity that not only brings novel ideas to life, but also propels the entire Web3 space forward. We see Polkadot at the intersection of this space - holding the true vision and potential of Web3.

R0GUE has already presented its first two initiatives: Pop CLI and Pop Network. Now, it’s time to present who R0GUE is and why we are perfectly positioned to be a strong catalyst for Polkadot and the vision of Web3.

Meet the R0GUE Team

We are a highly skilled team of software engineers spinning out from Parity’s Delivery Services - the interface between core engineering and end-to-end Web3 solutions. We are proud to have contributed our expertise to the Polkadot ecosystem across parachains, XCM, smart contracts, integrations, and more. As an integral part of solution delivery within Parity’s Ecosystem Development initiatives, we have directly seen Polkadot’s strengths — and challenges.

Our responsibilities have been the following:

  • Polkadot SDK & Blockchain Development
    • Built out custom parachains, pallets, smart contracts, and tools
    • Oversight of Rococo Relay chain - runtime upgrades, onboarding parachains, addressing stalled chains, and overall maintenance
    • Lead maintainers of the EPT and FPT parachain templates
    • Curated the Polkadot Release Analysis
  • Consultancy Services
    • Consulted for prominent enterprises and teams
    • Solution & application engineering for high-profile projects
      • Bespoke solution design and development with Polkadot technologies
      • Managed deployments, maintenance, and runtime upgrades
    • Delivered Substrate Builder Program (SBP) reviews
  • Collaboration & Education
    • Core team members in Parity’s Technical Support division
      • Close collaboration with ecosystem teams by providing support and effectively resolving issues
      • The authors behind several tutorials and documentation for Polkadot technologies
    • Conducted workshops and presentations at events like Polkadot Decoded and Sub0
    • Hosted Polkadot Deep Dives, covering advanced concepts within the Polkadot SDK
    • Among the top 10 contributors on Substrate Stack Exchange
    • Polkadot Heroes Program

Most importantly, we are a dedicated team, passionate about the ecosystem. We deeply care about Polkadot and pushing the tech forward in ways that the world has yet to see!

Our Mission

Lead the development of innovative solutions, enabling developers, communities, and businesses to harness the full potential of Web3’s capabilities for real-world applications.

We position ourselves as a dynamic force addressing challenges within the ecosystem by offering innovative solutions. We are dedicated to bringing new ideas to life and propelling the ecosystem forward.

After thoroughly assessing the needs and identifying the gaps in the ecosystem, we have come up with our first set of goals:

  1. Improving developer onboarding & experience in the Polkadot ecosystem
  2. Empowering dApp developers to easily leverage the power of Polkadot
  3. Utilizing our expertise in the ecosystem to help projects build out their visions


Deliverables: Year 1

1. Tooling: Pop CLI

A comprehensive CLI tool designed to simplify project initiation, offering the foundation for developers to kickstart their journey effortlessly.

2. Product: Pop Network

An ambitious initiative focused on deploying dApps seamlessly within the Polkadot ecosystem, aiming to provide easy access to the power of Polkadot, on-demand scalability of dApps to their own chain, and superior tooling.

3. Consulting: Building out others’ visions

R0GUE will extend its expertise to assist teams in building out their vision. With our knowledge of the technology and ecosystem we aim to offer guidance and development, fostering growth and innovation within the Polkadot space.

Business Model


Our vision is to make Web3 a core component of everyday business.

At R0GUE, we aspire to a world where Web3 becomes the catalyst for positive global change and a key piece of infrastructure for everyday business. A world built on Web3 with Polkadot at its heart. To make this world a reality we will need all the help we can get. Collaboration within the community will be key to creating a thriving ecosystem for developers to build upon. Through open development we are driven to create a future that is decentralized, transparent, resilient and based on mathematical truth — a future that empowers individuals, businesses, and communities alike.


As we gear up to submit our proposals to the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures program, we value your insights and support. We need your help in going rogue, to enable us to solve challenging problems, realize new ideas, and build a better Web3!

Drop us a line in our Element channel: gor0gue:matrix.org