A New Era for ink!

Hello Polkadot Community,

We are R0GUE, part of an alliance of passionate developers who believe in the power and potential of ink!. Built with Rust, ink! embodies the very ideals of security, resilience, and innovation that Polkadot stands for. It is built for and alongside the Polkadot SDK for the past 6 years.

Current Status of ink!

Recently, Parity technologies has moved ink! into the community, allowing them to shift their core focus to Polkadot 2.0 and beyond, confident ink! can thrive within the hands of the community. In response, a collective of stakeholders for ink! came together that are committed to the continued development and enhancement of ink! and smart contracts on Polkadot.

So why is ink! so important for the future of Polkadot?

No matter how you look at it, short or long term (JAM), developers in Polkadot want, and should be able, to build their blockchain critical software in Rust——the most loved programming language in the world for eight years in a row, the language in which the Polkadot SDK is built. For many of us, the reason we started to look into Polkadot!

In the past 6 years, ink! has matured to become an incredibly sophisticated smart contract programming language. It integrates seamlessly with the Polkadot SDK (substrate & FRAME) and Polkadot’s advanced functionalities like XCM. This allows ink! contracts to interact effortlessly with services on other blockchains in the Polkadot ecosystem. With the latest topic around Plaza, where focus is directed to the application layer, ink! will play a crucial role in building secure applications that can immediately tap into the immense potential of Polkadot and its parachains.

ink! is built for Polkadot and will play a critical role in easily building secure and resilient* real world Web3 solutions!

Our Mission

Harnessing the power of ink! to realise Polkadot’s vision for a secure, resilient, and interconnected Web3 ecosystem. Making ink! the cornerstone of Rust smart contract development on Polkadot. We envision a vibrant community of developers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with decentralized applications. Together, we can build, innovate, and create a future where ink! empowers developers to create the next generation of secure and resilient applications.

Join Us on This Adventure

We are calling all developers, enthusiasts, and visionaries around the world to join us in making ink! a cornerstone of the Polkadot ecosystem. Together, we will demonstrate its immense potential and value, showcasing ink! as the powerful tool it is for building secure and innovative decentralised applications.

Upcoming Initiatives

  • Gathering Everyone Around the World: Unite all developers and enthusiasts who share our passion for ink!.
  • Showcase Real-World Projects: Collect and showcase projects that demonstrate the power and capabilities of ink!.
  • Form the ink! Alliance: Form a group of agents to steward the maintenance and further evolution of ink!. This group of agents will be a quick-moving alliance that have stake and experience in and with ink!; core developers, parachain teams, core tool developers, etc.
  • Milestones and Tasks: Build a 3 month plan. As ink! is relatively mature, it allows us to focus strongly on increasing traction and improving developer experience. The alliance will develop a strategy for maintaining and enhancing ink!, its critical tooling, tutorials, and documentation. Long term, there will be community bounties as well.
  • Treasury Proposal: Make a treasury proposal to secure funding for ink! and ensure the continuous growth and development of ink!.
  • Form an ink! DAO: Create a DAO to further open ink! to the community.

How to Get Involved

Make some noise and join the movement!

Join the Telegram channel where we will unite and discuss ink!'s strategy.

Whether it’s code, ideas, support, or you want to learn ink!, everyone is welcome.

Let’s champion ink! together. Let’s continue building the future of Polkadot in a secure, resilient, and unstoppable manner. Let’s come together as an ink! community, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and ensure that ink! remains a vital part of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Adventure awaits—join us on this exciting journey!

The R0GUE Team


*resilient: software that ensures consistent performance and reliability. This includes resistance to bugs and vulnerabilities, maintaining high security standards. Resilient applications are robust, adaptable, and capable of providing continuous, reliable service in the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable environment of blockchain technology.


Go Rogue :rocket:


Hi Rogue and Daan,

Great initiative!

Our team is developing on ink! and committed to its long-term success. We would be happy to join the ink! Alliance. We have several improvements to ink! that we would like to develop to ensure it stays relevant to us.


We at Virto are thrilled to support this community initiative for ink!'s development. The power and potential of ink! for building secure, interoperable smart contracts in the Polkadot ecosystem cannot be overstated. We’re eager to contribute to the ink! alliance and collaborate with other teams to showcase its real-world applications.

We are specially interested in the formation of a DAO focused on elevating the smart contract experience through ink! this could be transformative for Polkadot. A well funded organization focusing its time and resources to create an unparalleled developer experience, attract more builders to the ecosystem, and unlock new possibilities for decentralized applications can easily be the most crucial focus for our ecosystem’s growth and innovation.


In my view, ink! makes Polkadot fully programmable and unfortunately we’ve not reached the point where that’s mainstream. We need more evangelists and builders of ink! dapps – showcasing nifty cross-chain programmability things; demonstrating how easy it is to permissionlessly deploy dapps; etc. It’s great to see an initiative like this, dedicated to giving ink! and its ecosystem the full attention it deserves. :rocket:

My thoughts:

  • ink! is the best piece of technology to harness the potential of cross-chain programmability and developer flexibility
    • ink! can make XCM integrations for developers a breeze (we just need more standardized libraries and templates to make it super easy to do)
    • ink! can integrate with other smart contract platforms and could potentially be a language used for other smart contract VMs
  • Developers from other platforms need to know that ink! isn’t just your usual smart contract language
  • The ink! ecosystem of tools and libraries has the potential to pave the way for making cross-chain programmability easy, providing better developer experience and making appchain and dapp deployments easy – on Polkadot and across other non-Polkadot networks.

I think there’s no better team to lead this than you bunch. Please let me know how I can support in any way!


Incredible and great initiative, totally agree to continue promoting ink! and all the ecosystem that composes it. As an ink! developer I came to Polkadot interested in getting decent technology (unlike Ethereum), I support the community initiative to maintain ink!


Go Rogue! We love this initiative and look forward to being a part of it in any capacity.

As supporters of ink! and developers of Scout (a static analyzer to assist developers in detecting security issues and deviations from best practices in ink!), we look forward to contributing to the continuity of ink!