Floating Man: Liberland Polkadot Summer Festival

Dear members of the community, I’m Michal Ptacnik, a candidate for the Polkadot Ambassador of Liberland and the project manager for the Liberland Blockchain, built on the Substrate platform.

I’m thrilled to extend an invitation to our vibrant community to join us at the Floating Man: Liberland Polkadot Summer Festival! :tada::rocket:

Wondering what’s in store at Floating Man? Picture this - a buzzing hub of intellectual debate, enlightening presentations, pulsating music, and exhilarating festivities, all stretched across eight glorious summer days. We aim at becoming the Burning Man of Europe, but on the waters of the Danube. Mark your calendars from August 5th to 13th, 2023, and prepare for an unforgettable experience! :date:

This year, we’re kicking off with an exclusive conference dedicated to Polkadot, Kusama, and Parachains. Connect with innovative builders, venture capitalists, and vibrant community members. Immerse yourself in two days of the decentralized web, stay abreast of the latest developments, and find your next partners to bring your dream project to life! :bulb::globe_with_meridians:

But that’s not all! Our diverse program offers a taste of local Serbian culture - indulge in authentic food, sway to the rhythm of local music, and more. You might even get the chance to visit Liberland, known as the “Singapore of Europe”, and the world’s youngest and freest country! Learn how this pioneering nation operates its government on a Substrate blockchain! :earth_africa:

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on this extraordinary journey and join us at the Floating Man Festival. Can’t wait to see you there! :balloon:

Get your tickets on the Floating Man webpage!