Feedback on the Decentralized Futures Flow

A bit of feedback about the program (Cause there are some devs asks me about).

When we first heard about the program, we were quite skeptical. We had already experienced disappointment with the treasury after our first proposal, and nobody really knew how Decentralized Futures are worked.

We waited for some time and observed the ongoing processes. Ultimately, we decided to give it a try, and we already had an idea in mind: to create a multisender. It’s quite amusing to read discussions about launching a meme coin/ aidrops when such a basic tool is absent from the system (ok, you should pay for every wallet, it’s ok in many cases).

However, when we delved into the system, it became evident that although it was presented as a kickstart, it wasn’t one. It was a rather complex application for an already launched product.
in details:

  1. It was a complex application where you had to carefully consider all the expenses, even those that didn’t exist yet. Quite hard for a kickstart.
  2. You needed to understand all the repos, even if they couldn’t be googled (and nobody know them).
  3. It took several days to complete the application (a lot of strange questions for the kickstart)
  4. You had to come up with self-funding in a dead system without users.
  5. You had to describe a lot of non-existing things in the moments like your target audience.
  6. There are literally no help, short answers, almost zero collaboration.

So, when we were filling out the application, we already understood the likely outcome of this drama. But the saddest part, of course, was the response.

No support, no advice, and no attempt at collaboration. Even no call, no asks, nothing.

Therefore, we certainly do not recommend this program for new teams. This program is more likely intended for former Parity employees or some other daring individuals (who know how to make money without users) or those who “accidentally” understand the substrate or some polkadot tools.

Sorry for the late reply here. I missed this due to the holidays and the huge number of applications. Thanks a lot for providing feedback. Even though I’m a big fan of transparency, it would have been nice if you had asked before you published part of our email thread here.

Since we are always trying to improve the program, I have a couple of questions:

  • What repos do you mean?
  • What questions did you find strange?
  • When did you need help/support, and why didn’t you ask for it?

I’m also sorry to hear that you think Polkadot is “a dead system without users.” and you seem to have no conviction that the number of users is going to increase or you develop something that is actually going to be used.