Polkadot Digest 4th May 2023

Hello Everyone :wave:

Link to today’s digest tweet: https://twitter.com/filippoweb3/status/1654058857579044869

The new version of the staking dashboard supports proxies and an easy switch controller → stash. The Polkadot Hub initiative focusing on establishing hubs in South-East Asia (first Hub in Bali) is up for discussion, and more!

I wish you all a good day! Cheers, Filippo

This is a random remark, but why this recent decision to post the Polkadot digest on Twitter only?
We are on the official Polkadot forum, while Twitter is a third party social media. If anything, it’s Twitter that should contain a link to here, not the other way around.

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Hi @tomaka, unfortunately I am not able to post multiple links here as I got flagged many times. So for me, it is not an option to post the whole digest here. Your comment is more than welcome and I am sure this will be addressed by @bill_w3f once he will be back. Cheers, Filippo

@tomaka -

I post the Digest here, on Matrix ( #dailydigest:web3.foundation ) , Twitter (@BillLaboon), Polkaverse Subsocial ( Bill's Polkadot Digest - PolkaVerse ) , and Reddit ( https://reddit.com/r/Polkadot/ ).

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, I had to return back to the States on extremely short notice, and Filippo has taken over the Digest for the rest of the week and there are some issues with his posting here. The Digest will return to its normal posting schedule (and authorship) on Monday.

@bill_w3f I posted the digest on my Polkaverse profile too (filippoweb3's space - PolkaVerse) but is not getting noticed a lot there.

I forgot to update the Digest Element room, now it is up-to-date! Other channels are updated as usual. Hope I did not create too much confusion!